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Re: Response Cards vs. RSVP Website

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    We provided a response card in a pre-addressed envelope, but no stamp, as well as the link to our wedding website that had an RSVP function.

    Most people either mailed back or hand delivered the response card, but we still used the wedding website to keep track of everything, which included meal choices. 

    We also still had a few people who we had to call up/ask, "Can you give us your RSVP along with your meal choice?" (most of whom said "Of course we're coming!" but we still needed the meal choice). 

    I will 100% agree that the INVITATION expresses the formality of the event, but the same does not have to follow with the response. Since the onus is on the guest to respond, I think whatever way the hosts make it easy for guests to respond is fine. 
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