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Dietary Requests Wording for RSVP

Hi there,
We're working on the RSVP wording and would like to accommodate potential dietary requests but are having trouble wording it properly.

So far this is approximately what the RSVP card includes:
"The favour of a reply is requested by April 18th
Will Attend ______  Will Not Attend ______
Number of Adults attending _____
Children (under 12) attending _____

Special dietary requests (only if applicable)
Number of vegetarians _____  vegans ______
Allergies (please specify): _______________________"

Had a hard time figuring out how to phrase vegetarian dishes/etc. without going too wordy, but as it is it feels like we're asking them to complete a questionnaire!

Should we just shorten it to:
"Special dietary requests (only if applicable)
Allergies or special requests (please specify): _______________________" ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Re: Dietary Requests Wording for RSVP

  • We're also hoping to capture the NUMBER of people with special requests, hence our wording.

    I.e. if "Vegetarian" is checked off, we don't know if it's 1 person or the whole party
  •  I would  have a regular rsvp with entree options or not. On your wedding website you can say " Special dietary requests , please contact me  at [email protected] or (123)456-7891." I think when it comes to food allergies or vegan dishes there needs to be more communication than just  a check mark.  Like you said, it would be hard to figure out.
  • There is also a thread already going on about this on this board. You might want to check that out.  The regs have better advice regarding this than I do. 

    I am having a small wedding with immediate family only  so i guess what I would do might now fit your situation. Best of luck. 
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    On DD RSVP we had vegetarian as a meal option. So, if you are offering a vegan entree you could just put that in the list of choices.  At the bottom of the card we included a line that read: For special dietary concerns contact [email protected] We were already aware of two dietary restrictions and received no other ones.
  • We put a simple line as:

    Dietary restrictions:______________________

    It was enough space for individuals to clarify (my friend wrote "Dairy- milk, butter, etc".

    We had meal choices, of chicken, beef, vegetarian and kids meal, so those were listed:

    ___kids meal (12 and under)

    The only trouble we had with the above, was when "1" was checked off beside chicken and "1" checked off beside beef- we didn't know which meal went to which guest. The guests would have been sitting beside each other, so not the biggest deal, but the venue wanted us to indicated to the serving staff somehow which guest had which meal, so we colour coded our place cards. A few of the guests we ended up asking. 

  • Thanks all for the help.  I think you're right in that simpler is better in this case.  I will go try to find that other thread as well, thank you!
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