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NWR - regretting a recommendation

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Hi all,

hoping for some advice! A coworker recently made a plea for recommendations for a candidate to fill an open position. Apparently all applicants thus far had been a poor fit. Coworker described what she was looking for, and a few of us said that we would keep an eye out for candidates.

I subsequently found out that a good friend of mine was looking to make a career shift to improve work/life balance. My friend doesn't have any experience in the particular field, but is vastly over-qualified in terms of transferable skills (the position doesn't require any field-specific experience). I told my friend about the position, she applied, and I mentioned this to my coworker.

Now, in the proceeding weeks, there have been a few significant changes in the organizational structure at work, which have given me the opportunity to see this coworker in a different light. I have caught her being manipulative, and game playing a few times, and now I'm worried that I've brought my friend into a weird political mess (I blame the show for no longer being able to use the phrase 'game of thrones').

On the one hand, I feel obligated to warn my friend about her potential boss using her as a pawn, but on the other, in case this could be a good fit, I don't want to taint the process with my perspective.


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Re: NWR - regretting a recommendation

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    I would tell your friend about your feelings.  Give her all of the information necessary to make an informed decision for herself.  I'd hate to throw my friend into a situation like this, especially if I told her about the job and encouraged her to apply.

  • Tell her your concerns.  What you see as a concern, she may see as something she can be on the lookout for, but can live with.
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