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Knot related - amusing

This is the current ad showing in my browser: 

It's nice that the Knot is promoting LGBT vacations - but this also reminded me of the trip that DK and I took to Puerto Rico ~8 years ago. We stayed at a Marriott just outside of Old San Juan. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you're interested: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sjupr-san-juan-marriott-resort-and-stellaris-casino/  )

There were a few restaurants on property, and some along the main drive, but we were a little more limited for a quick meal since we were a mile or so outside of the historical district. I wasn't feeling well one evening, so DK offered to go out and grab something for dinner. He knew there was a Subway down the street and figured it would be an easy walk. So on the way to get the food, a random guy starts walking along talking to him. DK is wary, but polite. After a block or so, the guy propositions him, and DK tells him he's not interested in men, but thanks.

So he goes, gets the food, and on the way back to the hotel, a different guy does essentially the same thing.  He got back to the room, told me about his 15 minute adventure and was all , "WTF, am I giving off some sort of 'gay vibe' that all of these men are trying to pick me up?"
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Re: Knot related - amusing

  • I wonder if he might have unknowingly been walking in a part of town known for that demographic?

    I live in NOLA and there is one block of Bourbon St. that caters to gay men.  There are two big dance clubs on it.  But it is not immediately obvious that is what it is.  Because all the blocks leading up to it also have loud neon lights, clubs, bars, and partying.

    It's HILARIOUS to watch straight guys sauntering along, drinking their brews, checking out the scene.  Sometimes even popping into one of the clubs.  And then see the look of dawning on their face as they realize most of the people hanging out on that block are gay men.

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  • I love hearing about NOLA! FI and I are going there as part of our Honeymoon and I'm learning so much haha
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  • I love hearing about NOLA! FI and I are going there as part of our Honeymoon and I'm learning so much haha

    Awesome!  It's a really fun place to visit.  And, depending what you want, it can be as party or as educational/historical as you all want.

    Lafitte's Blacksmith shop is in the FQ and is one of the oldest bars in North America.  So there's drinking AND history in one place ;).

    Take the St. Charles streetcar line all the way down to the end and back again.  It's $3 for an all-day pass, so feel free to hop off and go walking around whatever catches your fancy.  But as you get toward the middle of it, it turns from more commerce to residential.  With AMAZING, gorgeous homes dating back to the 19th century.

    The Mardi Gras museum and the D-Day museum are near each other (though not quite walking distance).

    The Palace Café is one of my favorite 4-star restaurants.  With Bananas Foster for dessert.  Caramel, bananas, and rum lit on fire tableside.  Then served atop vanilla ice cream.  Really can't go wrong!  Or, if you're on a budget, just go for dessert.  It's big, so split it either way.

    Jumanji (pronounced Gemini) and Cajun Mike's are both bars, but they have good NOLA inspired food for good prices.

    I could go on and on with recommendations, lol.  But that's a quick glance of food for all budgets and things to do.

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