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Wedding Woes


mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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edited March 2016 in Wedding Woes
I'm happy it's Friday. Still not 100%, but y'all don't want to hear my complaining.  ;)

I work tomorrow and little bit on Sunday.  The boys are going to FIL's tonight to hang out and spend the night.  That means I get the whole bed to myself and can watch HoC in peace.  

What's up for your weekend?

Re: Friday!

  • Happy Friday, @mrs.conn23! Glad to hear you're on the mend - I'm sure the weekend will help you recuperate!

    Today is a Frantic Friday for me. I have 2 deadlines - one of which was a surprise, so I'm glad I got into the office early this morning - and I have to run over to the dealer to pick up my car. Fingers crossed that they finally fixed the mysterious engine light issue I've been having!

    If they were able to fix my car, then this weekend will be spent (hopefully) getting it inspected so the embarrassing "R" rejection sticker can be removed. And then I will be able to trade it in before something else happens.

    Other than that, no real weekend plans. I haven't been sleeping well for a few weeks, so catching up on sleep will be a priority!
  • This week has been one of the hardest weeks in my 17 years in education.



  • It's been a long work week.  Hoping to catch up on some sleep as this has not been a good week for sleeping for me.

    Tonight DH works and I'm going to with my Mom to watch my nephew wrestle.

    Tomorrow we'll run some errands and then go out to dinner.

    Sunday is church in the morning and probably just relaxing the rest of the day.

  • I'm sorry NOLA.  ((hugs))
  • Sorry, NOLA.  I hope this weekend is restful and relaxing for you.

  • Feel better soon, mrs.conn, and hugs to NOLA.

    Work drama here, which fortunately does not affect me directly.  But it seems like half the people here are upset with the other half of people here.  Coworker is having problems with her FMLA (Boss was pushing back and went to HR, then returned and totally changed his tune, so we think they smacked some sense into him/told him he'd better not get us sued), two department heads were chatting in the hall about how awful a third is (and he really is), there is just a dark cloud over this place today.

    My mom is coming tomorrow since she had to cancel last weekend.  For no particular reason, I'm doing Mexican:  tortilla soup, chopped salad, chips with homemade guac and salsa, sangria, and this creamy lime pie thing that I'm pretty sure is 0% Mexican but 100% delicious.  Debating whether to run to Trader Joe's at lunch or get my nails done.  (#FWP)

    Car is due back Tuesday.  Not as soon as I hoped, sooner than I feared.  I was really hoping to have our kid hauler back before this weekend's lessons/errands, but we can deal.  Still hoping they might finish sooner.

    Met with the landscaper (finally) yesterday, and unbelievably, the work may not cost as much as we thought.  We need some grading done, and the original owners never did anything with the back so it's dirt, rocks, whatever they dug out to pour the foundation, and weeds.  We're leveling it, creating areas for the swing set and trampoline, seeding--possibly sodding, but most likely seeding--and once that's done we're planting a vegetable garden, too.

  • HOUSE OF CARDS PARTY!!!!  We're going to pick up the BBQ in about an hour, mimosas and growlers are incoming, and we're all watching the last episode of last season and then digging in.  There are 2 newbies coming who have been informed, "Google it or figure it out, but we are NOT stopping for questions, there's too much now!"  Then we'll have First Friday Artwalk tonight.  I'm excited b/c it's my first one actually living downtown.  Just feels different somehow.

    I'm unplugging today.  I have had a lot of major life changes and a lot of new responsibilities placed on my shoulders in the last 4 months.  I'm feeling exhausted and burnt out.  All of my other "days off" have really been "days to catch up this thing".  So, today I'm really taking it off.  Tomorrow I have things I must sit down and do, but today is for me.
  • Tonight I'm getting a new dishwasher installed!  Ours was only 5 years old but the panel shorted out again (of course two days after I fixed the grinder!)..  It was a design flaw but still - 5 years old and not a cheapie either! 

    Instead of ordering a dress online, my niece was suppose to come up with my brother (her Godfather) so we could go Prom Dress shopping (either option would be on my dime) tonight - but she decided it was more important to disobey her Dad and drive up to her MOTY's place to take a dog there for her step-brother (who is significantly older and should be able to do this himself, not send a 17yo with a POS car on its last leg on an 8-hour round trip drive - using her Dad's gas- which is why the Brother told her after two weekends in a row of driving up there on his dime and having a tire go out the last one "no")..  The "Dumb kid" factor only goes so far - and to say the least I'm getting quite frustrated since it's not like I'm giving her a ton of super restrictive strings/budget, I'm being fairly liberal when it comes to what she can choose, her Dad is on board because he wants her to have the full Prom experience and he can't afford to spend money on a dress, but alas - she's the same "dumb kid" that turned down my offer of a car when I was switching my last vehicle out (though it was worth the price of admission to hear my 75yo aunt chew her a new one about that one because it was a really nice and well cared for vehicle!!!)...  ARGH!

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  • GBCKGBCK member
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    Sorry Nola.  when it's hard, it's REALLY hard.

    Buffy finally started eating normally yesterday, which is good, because unbeknownst to her, she had until lunchyesterday to get some damn food into her, or I was dragging her sorry ass to the doc's today.  (she's still on antibiotics, but is feeling OK now.  It's just, food is always a challenge, it's an extra one right now. 
    She had lost 2 lb to her flu (which is a huge percentage of your body weight when you're an average height, 31# 5 year old) when they weighed her at urgent care --they were very up in my business about her being skinny.  The docs who KNOW her have grudgingly OKed her weight, but the last thing I needed last weekend was a new doc trying to instill panic over seeing her ribs)

    I'm migrainey today.  Not horrid pain, but I'm hearing things (I thought there was heavy equipment outside today.  There is NOT)--WITHOUT medication.  Which means I'm going to be extra fun when the damn barbiturates I just took kick in.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I am so glad the weekend is here even though I have school stuff to do. Yesterday was a crazy ass day. I was called out of three classes (and we are on block schedule, so I only have 4 a day) to attend surprise meetings. They got coverage for my classes, but the class doesn't get taught if I'm not in it! One of the meetings was with the FBI to discuss a former student getting security clearance for the military. That was a new one for me. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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