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Hair & Makeup on the Strip that isn't mobile

Hi all,

I would like to book hair and makeup. I'd like to stay away from mobile since I want to go to a salon that will wash and blow dry my hair before styling it. Any places to recommend on, on very near, or on the strip?


Re: Hair & Makeup on the Strip that isn't mobile

  • Pretty much every hotel has a Salon/Spa onsite, but they tend to be a little pricey.  However, I think I would prefer to not go all over town either before or after getting done up, so I would be looking into the one at my own hotel.

    However, if you're okay with going off strip, I've heard decent reviews from iBlowdry Salon. (

  • I used iBlowdry for my wedding on 3/19 and I thought they did a great job and were affordable compared to the hotel salon. Two of my girlfriends came along and were happy with their services as well. It's not on the strip, but is not too far, maybe 2 miles?
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