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My friend is getting married in Vegas in June and loves the wrap around terrace suite in Cosmo. The total guests is 14 and she was looking into Wicked Spoons for dinner and drinks before finishing the evening in the Wrap Around Suite with drinks. We have a few questions about this route...

1. Can you bring alcohol up to the suite or is this going to be an issue?

2. What did you do for music for the suite I am presuming they have a ipod docking station. 

3. Any suggestions on Wicked Spoons for a party of 14 would be great.

4. Chapel venue suggestions would be great.

Thank you,

Re: Wrap Around Terrace Suite Cosmo

  • This is pretty similar to what we are doing in October.  For Wicked Spoon, they have a private dining room, but it comes with a minimum spend.  With a group that small, she might be better off just asking to have a table set up in a more secluded part of the restaurant.  Our contact there is Rose, and she's been great to work with.  The can also provide a wedding cake/cupcakes if you want.

    For the ceremony, Cosmo offers a package that can be done in the wraparound suite or in their wedding suite.  My experience with their wedding planners is that it was a little tricky to get on their radar, but once you have a relationship with someone, they are very helpful.  Our wedding is still many months away, but we've had a flurry of emails helping us get everything squared away.  They are great about helping you set up a wedding timeline and organize any vendors.

    We're planning on brining drinks up to our suite, and I don't anticipate having too much of a problem, but I'm also interested in hearing about others' experiences with this.

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