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I am putting together small OOT bags for my guests staying at the hotel.  I am including information about restaurants, etc.  I am also trying to coming up with some things that "are Ohio".  I was thinking of putting in some buckeyes, potato chips made in Dayton (that's where we live).  What else can I use?  It doesn't necessarily have to be food.  Someone suggested a notpad that says Ohio.  Any ideas?  My wedding is in less than 2 weeks and I'm at a complete loss.  I kind of wanted to go with a theme, "Everything Ohio".  But, I need at least 1 or 2 more ideas. 

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    What about a $5 gift card to Skyline? Or a bottle of Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce? I'm a foodie, so obviously I would love to get food! :) I think that either of those two things would be easy to do (since you are down to crunch time) and not so expensive.

    Good Luck!

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    the only things I can think of are food related - Skyline chili (cans or packets), Grippos, cookies from Graeter's or Busken, Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce, Larosa's sauce, etc.  You can find all of these things at Kroger, or if you have a Remke's near you, most have a local Cincinnati section that has all of those items in it.

    That being said, don't stress yourself out over OOT bags.  I have never received one when I've traveled to a wedding, and we're not doing them for our OOT guests.  So if you don't have time or can't think of anything, I think a map/list of things to do in the area and a nice note from you and FI welcoming them to town is sufficient.
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    Pringles, aspirin, busken's.

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    you might want to put a little insert with maps to the ceremony, reception, etc.  And if your wedding is Saturday night or Sunday, I would put a list of "Ohio" things that OOTs can do during the day.  On our website we've put our favorite things in Cincinnati to do and are easily accessible from the hotel downtown:  eden park, baseball game, union terminal, etc.
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    If many of your guests will be traveling via plane I suggest not including liquid items that they would need to pack going home (bbq sauce, chili, etc.)--especially if they are over 3 ounces.  While I think it is a nice and thoughtful idea to include these things for those not checking luggage, getting the item home could be a hassle since you can't carry onto a plane liquids in containers over 3 ounces.
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    What about a postcard representing Ohio?
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    I agree with the postcard idea.  Even if they don't send it to folks back home, they can keep it as a souvenir and it's inexpensive.

    I would go to cincinnatiusa.com, the official tourism site, and request a few copies of their brochures; a nice read while on the road.  And about food items, if they're traveling by car, avoid chocolate and pack on the water bottles.  I always found those to be real helpful on a road trip.
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    this isn't Ohio specific, but you can make your own labels for water bottles on the computer and glue them on the water bottles to personalize them for your wedding day.  We did that for my friend's OOT bags and they were adorable and tied in the wedding theme to the bags

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