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Nevada-Las Vegas


Hello Ladies,
What's the first thing I should do in planning a wedding in Las Vegas , I live in Philadelphia and my wedding date is Oct 18 2011.  Any suggestions
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Re: Help

  • futurecoachkfuturecoachk member
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    I would recommend finding your ceremony and reception spots and coordinate the day and time of your wedding.  For me, once that part was done, it all flowed together. 
  • mayanutmayanut member
    edited December 2011
    In general, book the things that are likely to not be available first.  Like PP said, ceremony and reception first.  The chapels often fill up and everything else will revolve around the ceremony date/time you get.
    Photographers fill up fast, so that next. (If you're using an outside one.)
    Hair and Makeup is the next most likely to fill up.

    Everything else is usually pretty flexible and can be booked at a much later date.
  • Lulu80301Lulu80301 member
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    I started by figuring out where I wanted to have there ceremony, and I did that by looking at all the websites of the hotels on the Strip, they all have Weddings pages that show the packages, options, etc.

    From there I picked a place for reception/dinner. It was important for me that it all happen in the same place, so I was also looking at the websites for their restaurants.

    Then I watched the boards/asked questions/looked at the Knottie Bio List  to see who was getting married where, etc, so I could read reviews, do some research on tripadvisor.com, etc.

    Definitely book the ceremony and reception first, and early, and definitely check out the bio list for ideas.

    From there I then booked the photography, because they book up quickly, hair/makeup, the party bus for the strip tour, and then ordered STDs/Invites, and set up my wedding site for our guests.

    Good luck!
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    First think we did was decide on a budget and pledge to stick to it.  Once you have your spending limit, it'll be much easier to sort through the tons of options that Vegas has to offer.  Then you can decide how much to spend on the venue, reception, getting ready, etc.
  • sagi122sagi122 member
    edited December 2011
    Congrats!  I grew up in Philly..living in South Jersey now.

    Like previously stated, I think the first thing you want to do is figure out your budget. 

    For me, I really wanted an outdoor ceremony.  Take a look at the bios and casino websites to get a feel of the chapels and outdoor venues.

    Do you have plans to go out to Vegas scout sites? I'm not sure if your budget will allow for this. We went out last April, and I am so glad we did.   It really helped us in picking a ceremony place and time.  We even picked a reception place that was not on our list before going!

    Happy planning.
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    Ditto all of the PP's....Find the Chapel and reception site 1st and then the rest will fall into place =)
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  • RachNRichRachNRich member
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    You're far enough out that it shouldn't be an issue--but, be willing to be flexible. If you find a location you like, but it isn't available on your "date," be flexible! I would definitely look around first, find what you like, and make phone calls to all of the places.

    Good luck, and happy planning!
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