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Sort-of Newly Engaged and Super Excited!

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Hi everyone!
I figured I'd post my little introduction here as I'm new to TK boards. I got engaged a month ago yesterday. We met last January 2015 and we're getting married this January 2017! We met while at a graduate residency in England for our Master's program, but didn't start dating until a few months later.

It was an afternoon trip up to Innisfree garden, we were walking around enjoying the day until he found the spot he was looking for (he did research on this). He got down on one knee in front of Dragon Rock. In all our nerves and excitement we fumbled and the ring fell (I say he dropped it, he says I smacked it out of his hands). But it wouldn't have been us if it had gone smoothly!

It's already been so exciting, we've got most of the details set already (we've been planning and getting ideas since long before he even proposed). We found a venue with an almost all-inclusive package, so there isn't much to pull together, which makes my life easier! It'll be an intimate ceremony and dinner with only our parents and siblings there.
I'll keep that short and sweet. I look forward to sharing ideas and seeing what exciting plans are coming for everyone!

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