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Number of chairs for ceremony

I'm sorry if this is dumb and I'm sure I'm overthinking it, but how many chairs do you put out for the ceremony? It's not like it's assigned seating so I assume that you need to put out more than the RSVP number so that people can find seats with their family/friends. We are expecting roughly 100 people. Would 120 seats be appropriate? 

Re: Number of chairs for ceremony

  • I would just round up to the nearest row, for neatness.  People will fill spaces.  

    Remember that at least 2 of you will be standing during the ceremony!
  • Oh and as above I did reserved seating for parents, siblings, bridal party and flower girls parents at the front 2 rows.  I put a little card out with their name on each seat.  
  • We had exactly the number of seats required for all our guests to sit and people filled in the rows. I didn't want the expense of renting additional chairs that were not necessary.
  • Just checked my wedding pictures and no families or groups of friends appear to be separated even with just a few extra chairs out.  Hope this helps
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    Thanks everyone. My wedding was several weeks ago so hopefully this helps the lurkers....

    I had about 90 guests and had 90ish chairs. This meant that there were at least 10 extras since the 90 included the pastor, wedding party and photographers, who weren't sitting. As far as I know there were no issues 
  • Ops sorry that was me bumping the thread!  Congratulations Ironring!
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