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is this the norm for baby showers?

This is a question about baby showers, not bridal showers, but I hope it will be okay if I post it here.

I received an invitation to a friend's baby shower in the mail yesterday, which was Wednesday.  The shower is next Thursday.  It doesn't seem like very much notice.  Is this the norm for baby showers?  It seems like I have gotten WAY more notice for baby showers (and wedding showers, too) in the past.  But maybe I guess it depends on who is throwing the shower as well?

What do you guys think?

Re: is this the norm for baby showers?

  • It does seem a little late.  I'm also surprised that the shower is going to be held on a Thursday.  I don't think I've ever been to a shower that wasn't on a Saturday.  Or at least on a weekend.

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  • I was surprised that it is going to be held on a Thursday as well.  It's at 7 PM.  If it were any earlier, I probably wouldn't be able to attend because I work during the week.  I have never been to a shower that wasn't held on a weekend either.
  • Yeah, just sounds like a little poor planning on the host's part.  I'd still go though, if I was able to make it.  Not the mommy-to-be's fault, kwim?
  • It does seem a little late.

    Maybe the invitation was delayed due to Christmas mail?  Or they were so busy with the holidays that they didn't get the invitations out early enough?

    I think a Thursday seems odd as well.

  • I agree that it is not the mommy-to-be's fault.  I think I am still going to attend.  The problem is that we live in a very rural area, and the nearest Wal Mart (which is where she is registered) is over a half an hour away, so a shopping trip there takes a bit of advance planning.
  • You aren't obliged to get a gift from the registry - I am sure you could find a nice gift at a local shop closer to you if it's easier.

  • That's supe late notice. I've always received 2 weeks notice or more.

    If it's not convenient for you to go to the store that they've registered at, then just get something that's closer to home. It will still be appreciated.
  • Just take a look at her Walmart registery and see what kinds of things she has on there for ideas.  You don't always have to shop for things from a registry :)  You'll do fine.
  • The last shower I threw, I planned on mailing invites so people got 3 weeks notice.  The Mom-to-be asked me to send them earlier because people kept calling her, concerned that they hadn't gotten their invitation yet - and that was 6 weeks pre-shower!

    The Thursday thing is odd too.  I'd have a hard time making it just because i'm usually a zombie on the couch by 8 on weeknights.
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    I tend to ignore baby shower registries (mostly because the moms always register at Babies R Us, and the nearest one is like 45 minutes from where I live) - my go-to gifts are always onesies in a variety of sizes (newborn up through nine months) and then a cute blanket if the baby is due in winter or a cute baby hat if the kid is due in summer, plus a cute plush toy.  I've repeatedly been thanked for the onesies - it's the kind of thing (apparently) moms never get enough of, especially in larger sizes.
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    You could always purchase an item from the registry from and have it sent directly to the mom to be.  And just bring a card to the shower and mention in the card, the gift you purchased and it's being directly sent to her home.  Also, you could print out a picutre of the item you bought and stuff that in the card too.
  • I had to cover for someone at work because she had to leave to go to a baby shower on a Wednesday at 2pm.

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  • It could be that the host, mom-to-be or other important guest (grandmother-to-bo, or someone) works on weekends and isn't available. It is an odd time but at least it's not at noon or something, right? As far as gifts, don't feel obligated to buy directly from the registry. Especially if the parents-to-be have a large extended family. You could buy a cute baby outfit and maybe something nice for a mom. I got a couple of gift certificates for a salon at my baby shower and I just LOVED them! I wouldn't have taken the time to get a pedicure without them. Same thing goes for gift cards to restaurants or offers to babysit. Have fun at the shower!
  • That is pretty short notice for a baby shower (or any party for that matter) but like PPs said that's on the host.

    MIL and I actually weren't invited to H's cousin's baby shower until 1 week before (everyone else received theirs at like 5 weeks) because the cousin who was hosting used MIL's shower guest list from MY bridal shower.  and as the host and guest of honor neither of us were on there, haha.  point being - stuff happens.  If you can go I still would :-)
  • Thanks for all of your input. You ladies are the best! Smile

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