Affordable reception venues - 2018 Fall...

I feel like I'm searching for a needle in a haystack. My fiancee and I are trying to keep our budget in check. He thinks a budget ballooning to 20K for the whole shebang is too much - so now I'm trying to see if we can do this for 10-15K.

I'm finding that spaces that require you to use their caterers, or charge per head on food + alcohol plus all the taxes along with it, are what's really making everything so wildly expensive.

I'd love to find some more bare-boned spaces for us to have a lovely reception at. We already have ceremony spot locked in (just a church). All I'm truly looking for is a space that allows string lights, enough tables to seat 150-200 people, and food that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. I'd be willing to do food trucks, even. Bring our own booze, if possible.

Anyone have any ideas for weather-appropriate locations I haven't thought of yet? I've got inquiry into The Rose Barn in North Park right now as a very cheap option from what I can see - but they don't book until 365 days out. I've contacted quite a few places so far - banquet halls, museums, concert venues, etc.

Thanks all!

Re: Affordable reception venues - 2018 Fall...

  • I am also on the same hunt! We are getting married in October of 2018, and we're getting married at St. Adalbert in the southside (my grandparents got married there). I thought about looking into if they allow wedding receptions/alcohol in their hall, but the hall isn't a great space, so I would rather go elsewhere.

    But everywhere I'm finding that will allow your own catering seems to be a solid 40 minutes or more from the church, which is a bit frustrating. We were looking for a bit of an unorthodox dinner menu, and we found a PERFECT and super affordable caterer, but can't seem to find the space to go along with it. The problem is not just that most of the "exclusive" caterers are more expensive, they don't offer what it is that we want, as well. I so don't want to pay more money for food we don't really even want.

    Definitely want to follow this thread to see if there are any helpful suggestions!
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