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Skaneateles - The Lodge At Welch Allyn

Sorry if this is a double post - I originally posted in the CNY board but it looks like that board may no longer be active.
Has anyone had or been to a SMALL wedding at The Lodge?  We think it's gorgeous but are concerned it might actually be too large a space considering we may only have 50 guests (including ourselves and the wedding party).  There's another smaller venue we like as well, but the other venue can't host the ceremony and we're having an impossible time to find a separate ceremony location for the month we want.  Just wondering if anyone has experience with 50 person wedding at The Lodge and if it worked well or if the space felt too big.  

Re: Skaneateles - The Lodge At Welch Allyn

  • Hello! We are having our reception at The Lodge this coming June. My fiancé and I fell in love with it and although we are expecting double what you guys are, I don't think it would be too much space. Just my opinion, but it's totally worth it. Hope this helps!
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