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It's Wednesday


Re: It's Wednesday

  • DrillSergeantCatDrillSergeantCat Oklahoma City, OK member
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    @*barbie* I love that granite! Do you happen to know the color?
  • *Barbie**Barbie* member
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    edited May 2017
    It's called "Fire Bordeaux." There was a lot of variability in the color, so we picked the 2 slabs that we wanted. (kitchen)

    The bathroom is called "luna pearl" - this was a lot darker/more grey than the sample we saw. we didn't pick this slab, just gave them the color. 

    FWIW, we also learned that level 1-2 granite for the bathroom counter is not significantly more expensive than the composite countertops.

    The one we put in the kitchen is "level 4" - which looked to be an upgrade from the (likely level 1-2) previous granite. Luckily, due to all of the project nonsense, we didn't get charged for the difference. 
    We had them cut inserts for the backsplash from some of the leftover. 

  • @sparklepants41  actually Bunny Grey is on the ones I was seeing on Pinterest. Haven't checked out specific brands, but there's Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams near me that I'll likely check. Love your living room!

    @short+sassy  thank you :) and we're kinda at the same impasse. M doesn't want grey because he feels it's "too cold and flat" but every time I show him grey walls, stark white trim and dark flooring he likes it {because our flooring is dark} So we'll see. I keep showing him super light {like @sparklepants41 is showing} and he's somewhat caving ;)
    It's so hard to compromise when you really don't want to lmao!

    Thank you!! 
  • Well, huh.  It's been storming all day and the power just went out in our building.

    It's always funny when this happens.  It's an old building and there are usually spots here and there that have power.  But there just isn't any consistency.

    I REALLY just want to bail and work an extra 30 minutes tomorrow.  Which I'll probably have to do anyway.  But the big boss is extra finicky about people being creative with their time, in that way.

    So I'll just hang out in the dark.  Lighted only by my computer screen, lol.

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