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I am a photographer from Edmonton, Alberta and I got my first asian (Chinese Wedding) booked. This is going to be a traditonal wedding and I woder if their any taboos I should make sure I don't make!

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    Did you ask your clients this question directly?  Is there a specific concern you have in mind?  Your question is quite broad.  

    Another good resource would be the Chinese Weddings board on this site.
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    If the client is traditional, then you will probably be looking at a style that's more airbrushed than not.  So whatever you do, make sure the bride looks like she's perfect, and you will probably get happy clients.  Common trend in weddings is to have a few immaculate photos, blow it up to a giant size, and put it on eisels at the reception.  This will require not a single hair to be stray, teeth to be white, and blemishes to be smoothed like porcelain.

    Also, you may have more requests for formal poses and in the actual wedding dress and tux.  The Chinese and Vietnamese usually don't have kissing photos, or if they do, they will not want to show that to anyone.  There is no superstition in the Chinese or Vietnamese culture that the groom should not see the bride in her dress or even her dress before the wedding.

    Make sure you know what traditions they are incorporating, not be afraid to trample over toes, and take tons of photos.  You will not want to miss these shots.  If you see an elder, make sure to hover over him or her, that person is usually the center of the event.

    You may or may not get requests to be there when the bride and groom are getting ready.  That's more of an American trend, they don't take these preparation shots very often even in Europe.  Obviously, go over this with the bride and groom.

    Last note, the Chinese and Vietnamese in general also like family portraits.  Weddings are seen also as family reunion.  You should definitely bring this up.  Place the grandma and grandpa in the middle, usually by sitting in a chair or somewhere prominent, and everyone else accordingly.  The wedding party is also special, but usually not as much as the family, so talk with the bride and groom and see what is the perfect balance between family portraits and wedding party portraits.
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