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January 2011 Weddings

Is it real yet?

I was thinking about this today... my wedding is 12 days away. It was a year and ahalf away a month ago, but we changed the date. This is insane!

I pick up my dress from David's on Wednesday, and my bouquet from Michael's that day as well. I am so excited to see the flowers, and happy to get my dress/shoes. My mom gets here on January 4th, and we will be insanely busy till the end after that.

I ordered the tux for our little nephew to be our ring bearer. Thta part scares me- I have a feeling he will not be very successful, but I'm cool with that. I asked him before we left on christmas if he would like to help out his Aunt Lacey and carry a very important pillow, and he got all excited, ran to his room, and came back with his pillow. To practice for us. He will be 3 at the end of March, so I don't have high expectations- but it is adoooorable!

Anyway! Is anyone else having trouble realizing that.. their wedding is SO close?

Re: Is it real yet?

  • I still feel like I'm just planning a big party!  Hasn't really hit quite yet.
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  • I can't believe I'm getting married in 12 days! It doesn't feel real yet! Time really flew!
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  • I cannot believe that it is here already. We are at the end of this journey and I still cannot believe that I will be Mrs. XX in less than twenty days. I picked up our licenses the other day and it brought me to tears. I look at the tickers on this board and it gives me goosebumps.

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  • It has hit me alright.. I have 4days left and I feel like I have so much to do. I think we are ok but my head is spinning. I try to think to myself about what else we need and I get nothing. lol... Good luck ladies..
  • all i know is all the stuf that i have to do but when i think about the wedding i still cant beilieve I am getting married!! LOL
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