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Guest list filter function ruined by The Knot

Anybody else noticed that you can no longer filter your guest list responses by name?  it used to be that you could start typing a name and the list of guests would be filtered.  now it just highlights names which is completely useless.  have complained to the knot about this and they just say they are aware and is related to some changes they are making and no timeline for fixing.  if anyone else is annoyed by this please let the knot know so they make this a priority.  as far as I am concerned the guest list function is pretty much pointless now.

Re: Guest list filter function ruined by The Knot

  • I can also no longer to show who is attending and who is not attending.
  • THIS IS A NIGHTMARE. Two weeks out from my wedding and I'm stuck with the facking Knot and trying to sort guests and plan meals on an non-functional platform. NEVER EVER EVER GOING TO GIVE A NICE REVIEW OR RECOMMEND. Thanks for the pointless additional stress, The Knot.

    Love, Emily
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