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Thank You Card Styles - Showers and Wedding

Hi y'all, 

So fiance's family is throwing me a shower for each side (parents are divorced), and my side is considering also throwing a shower (so many things!). In light of this, and all the inevitable thank you cards I'll have to write, is it acceptable for me to use the same thank you card style for everything? I don't want to have to buy multiple boxes of different styles if I don't have to lol. 

Thanks for your help!

Re: Thank You Card Styles - Showers and Wedding

  • Of course! The main thing is that you actually write thank you cards to each person. (A generation or two ago, everyone just wrote thank you notes on plain paper.) The style of the card does not matter.
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    I also applaud your thoughtfulness in planning to hand write thank you cards. I’ve known many brides over the years that will actually try to purchase or create thank you cards that coordinate with the theme, style, or coloring of their wedding. It makes sense both financially and aesthetically to have a consistent thank you card. 
  • It is FINE! 

    The only rules really are:
    -The card shouldn't be pre-printed on the inside.   The messages should be from your own handwriting. 
    -If you plan to take your FI's last name do not use any monograms reflecting it until after the wedding.

    I've seen some rules about not using a blank inside card that says, "thank you" on the outside.   I think that's foolish.   

    FWIW, I just started to buy cards I liked.   I didn't use all the same kind. 
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    Totally agree with PPs. The only thing that is required - write the thank you yourself and make it personal to each gift given ( i.e. don't write "thank you for the gift" on every note.
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