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  • branches likely won’t completely close unless there’s an order from state/county/federal executives but it’s possible they will reduce hours or services. NY just instituted a mandatory 50% of employees are at home so it’s possible we’ll see some bigger changes happening. 

    I think ATMs would still be filled although that is WAY outside my line of business. 
    ATMs should still be filled as long as branches are still open at least limited hours.  I'm just worried about branches closing for long periods of time.  I agree it sounds unlikely.  But then, so much of what is now happening seemed unlikely!  And since there is no harm in keeping extra cash around.  I'm keeping extra cash around, lol.

    As an aside, in college...back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, lol...I worked for 4-5 years as a p/t teller at Bank of America.  We'd fill the ATMs on Friday and they were usually empty or close to it on Mondays.  And that was just the usual.  With nothing wacky going on.  
    Interesting, JP Morgan announces they are temporarily closing 1,000 branches and Regions bank is suspending all in-person banking at branches with only drive-up/ATM service. 
    I saw that last night also about JP Morgan!

    Regions, pfft.  You can't even make deposits at their ATMs.  I left them years ago when they changed it and took that function off their ATMs.  At the time, they also didn't have the function where you could take a picture of a check and deposit it (I assume they do now).  The only way to make a deposit was to walk into a branch during normal business hours.  So stupid.

    But, generally speaking, that would be a good alternate solution for banks (if needed).  That if even if the branches are closed, have special teams that take care of the ATMs so those can keep serving customers.


    Of course, I am a special snowflake who needs in-person banking, lol.  I make payments to my Home Equity Line of Credit 2-3x/month, sometimes including cash.  I also sometimes take large chunks of cash from it to pay our rehab workers.  I can't do any of that with an ATM.

    Worse case scenario, I guess there would be workarounds with lots of transferring back/forth between my HELOC and my checking account(s).  But, ironically, in-person banking is a lot easier and simpler as compared to online banking for most of the banking I do.
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