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Reschedule/Postpone due to COVID 19?

I am supposed to be getting married on June 6th, but with everything happening with the COVID 19 and the social distancing I am not sure what to do.  I live in New York where we aren't allowed to have an event with more than 50 people (we are supposed to have 150+) and all of the restaurants/venues are closed except for takeout.  I am not sure if I should postpone/reschedule to a later date.

Re: Reschedule/Postpone due to COVID 19?

  • I think you need to wait and also talk to your vendors. 

    It seems like this is just starting to lift in China and it was 2 months ago that we were seeing major closings there.   So you *could* be OK in June but this may have a deeper effect on supply chain.  

    If you can and wouldn't be out of $ I'd consider pushing it out to further in the summer, an additional year OR making it really small. 
  • I would call and talk with your vendors (although they may be focused on people with events in March/April/May first) and see what your options are. Many have been giving people alternate dates or allowing to reschedule. 

    You have a little bit of time before you have to make a decision, but you may want to start looking at back-up plans; can you postpone if you want, scale back, get married privately have a post-wedding celebration. Talk it over with your FI and if you can’t get married on that date, what would be your next choice. 
  • Your wedding is just far out enough that I wouldn't make a final decision about postponing just yet. However, it would not be a bad idea to talk to your vendors and venue about potential backup plans and make you're clear about what their policies are regarding cancellations/postponements. Do be patient with them, though, because they are probably dealing with a lot of couples right now whose weddings are scheduled for a lot sooner than yours. 
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    Definitely take your time on rescheduling. If it makes you feel better, talk to your venue about potential for coming up with a back-up date if needed. I was having sleepless nights because our original contract said that if we rescheduled we would still need to pay 75% of our costs by the original date, then pay all of that again later when we had our actual wedding. However, because of the virus, our venue is working with us.

    We are scheduled to get married on May 31st and are still hoping to get married that day, but have a backup date of August 2nd worked out with the venue and all of our vendors for if we need it - at no extra cost. 

    We don't have to make a final decision until May 1st. Hopefully we'll know enough by then to make an educated decision.
  • Email your vendors!  Really - right now they're taking every freaked out event planner's calls or they're working from home...  Wait for their guidance!

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