Wedding Woes

Who has postponed their wedding??

We have both been married before, and honestly never thought we would again. I am 38 and just 90 days into a new career as a hairstylist. When he asked me to marry him in December, and requested an April wedding date..I thought WTH..then spent the next few months thinking WTF everyday (in regards to planning, working and momming full time)...Now less than 30 days out the country is on lock down...vendors and venues are not giving refunds,officiant pulled out, family can not travel...and despite many tears we still have not been able to choose another date. Two teenagers(one with special needs) at home, I am not working, he is needed at work longer hours than before and guest/family/friends...keep asking...what do I do? 


  • I have been thinking the same. They won't marry us at the courthouse, but their website says they are making appointments to pick up the licenses. Gonna make some calls. it is most definitely not what we wanted. We had planned such a fun and unique event. Including a school bus, live music and a unicorn. My heart goes out to all the others in our shoes and all those whom are effected by this <3 
    Thank you! 
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    banana468 said:
    I would normally never suggest this but I'd see if you can get married now and when this is hopefully behind us have a party.   See if your vendors that aren't giving refunds will hold money for a great post-wedding celebration.

    I'm a fan of etiquette but I think a lot of those rules are made when you're not in a pandemic.   
    Agree with this completely. 

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