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BMB question

For those that have paid attention, did you see a number of marriages break up? One girl posted today her husband is asking for space to think about whether or not he wants to stay married. Poor thing is 23 weeks, cannot imagine being in her shoes right now.

Re: BMB question

  • The only one I remember from DD2 is a woman who left her BF because he fell back into drugs.  Of course, she got back with him and is now 26 weeks pregnant.

  • There has been one on my board.  I remember there being more in the 6 month range.  My board seems to have more people that aren't married this go round.

  • I think there were only 2 or 3 that broke up during the pregnancy, and with at least one of them the couple wasn't married to begin with. I feel like I remember the 12-18 month board being a hotbed of divorces.
  • I don't remember because I didn't stay on mine long.  But there is one on my local who's husband who told her halfway through her pregnancy that he didn't want the baby and didn't know if he was still in love with her.  It was her second child with him and his 4th (or maybe 5th) overall.

    She's had the baby and they're still living together.  I'm not sure what she's doing and/or waiting on.
  • Weird.   I can see wanting to get divorced after the baby is there, just because all of the crazy stress you're under with a newborn, but what kind of a-hole wants to divorce their wife after knocking her up?   I'd love to know if these people planned their pregnancies, got knocked up to save their marriage, etc.

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