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Classic Prudie: My friend's BF, the (possible) murderer.

One of my good friends, “Chelsea,” has been dating a seemingly nice guy, “Larry,” for the past six months. They are both in their late 20s and Chelsea is very open about the possibility of settling down and starting a life with Larry. Through a shared acquaintance I recently learned that while Larry was in college he was accused of murdering his roommate. During his trial he was found innocent, but all materials from the case make the verdict seem only as a result of a lack of evidence. Chelsea has never made mention of this and I am not sure she is even aware of Larry’s past. I fear for her safety and think Larry’s murderous history is important for her to know. Is it within my place to inform Chelsea?

Re: Classic Prudie: My friend's BF, the (possible) murderer.

  • Um, how about sharing an article you found when you Googled him?  
  • I feel like this isn’t that hard; send her an article and say “is this the Larry you’re dating”? 
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    I wouldn't tell her he did it if he was found not guilty, but I'd certainly share the article I found. 

    Chances are she does know about and [rightly or wrongly] is satisfied by his explanation. This isn't exactly something you tell all your friends about your partner. 
  • I also suspect Chelsea already knows.  But I also don't see any harm in letting her know via sending her a link about the case/article.
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