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NY Brides Should Get Marriage License *Appointment* Ahead of Time

I visited the Marriage License website a few weeks ago and found out that I can get the license by virtual appointment. "Whoa! That was simple!" I thought. I decided that I was in no hurry to register since the marriage license was valid for only 60 days. WRONG!

LESSON: Register ASAP and see what appointment dates work for you. Do not want until the last minute because availability is limited during the pandemic.

The process seemed easy at first. It took me about 30 minutes to put everything together.

And I arrived at the step to schedule a meeting with the City Clerk. I was surprised to see only one slot in August, which was gone as I clicked on it. Then another slot in August came up but, again, was gone before I could confirm. And then I see no availability in August, not in September, not in October... (The website does not provide availability beyond October when I checked on July 31.)

I was puzzled as I clicked and clicked and it finally hit me that I may not be able to get married as planned because of this. I was in full panic mode. I googled and found out that the appointments were booked through September in a news article dated May 24. May 24!!!

I tried calling the office but no one answered. I clicked on the "report an issue" button of the website and sent a message. And for the next 20 minutes I was in full beast mode refreshing the website, my mouse clicking like a woodpecker... I eventually was lucky enough to get an appointment. So if you are in a similar situation like me, keep trying and good luck!

No one needs this kind of stress a month before the wedding...

Re: NY Brides Should Get Marriage License *Appointment* Ahead of Time

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