cake recommendations please

 I got  one quote for 3 tier cake  for 700.00 looking for someone  reasonable.

Re: cake recommendations please

  • bbyckesbbyckes member
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    Try Publix, you'd be surprised.  Also, for some bakers and whatever it is you're looking for, that may be completely reasonable. 
  • Sapphire1002Sapphire1002 member
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    Try Celso's - I think it'll be a good $100-200 less...and their cakes are phenomenal!!
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    I agree with Publix being the most reasonable for good cake.
  • adrianzbrideadrianzbride member
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    I'm going to probably go with Celso's.  It looks to me like they'll be as or almost as cheap as Publix, and you get a free cake on your anniversary.  They provide the cake stand, too, and have a ton of flavors.  Our tasting is this Sunday evening. I can't wait!
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    I am using eileen carter.  He prices are $3.50 per person.  I am getting a 4 tier cake with 1 fake layer and falcons groom cake for $660.  I also want to Celso but he was higher than eileen and his cake didnt taste near as good.
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