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What flowers do I use?

I'm having a melt down because I am clueless when it comes to flowers. My dress is ivory and the other girls are wearing Lapis dresses from David's Bridal, which is a really dark eggplant. We aren't really using another accent color at all in terms of color scheme, so I really don't know where to go with all of this. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm also really trying to be budget-friendly.

Re: What flowers do I use?

  • jagore08jagore08
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    Are you using a florist?  If so, and this is what I did, tell them your price range, your favorite flowers, and ask them to create something.  That's what I did and they turned out beautifully.
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    I had the same colors. My dress was ivory and my girls wore an eggplant dress. I had a bouquet with a mix of different purple flowers and my girls had bouquets with white roses and a few purple flowers. (sorry don't know the names of the actual flowers)

    I basically did what pp suggested. I went to our florist and showed him pictures of the colors I wanted and told him to pick flowers that were those colors, in season, and in our budget.
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    there are these really pretty dark purple calla lililes. if you like calla lillies and they are in your budget you could do dark purple and cream coloried calla lillies maybe with some kind of green fill ins
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