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October 2011 Weddings

Hotel Offerings

I'm crazy detail oriented and am already worried about things like where everyone will stay. I posted this on the Illinois Board too but would love your input as well :-)

I need some advice. We are getting married at Union Station in Chicago, which is pretty well in the heart of the city. I was hoping to find a hotel within walking distance because a) we can offer parking vouchers at the garage right across the street from our venue and b) I dont anyone to be tempted to drive after a night of partying.

Here's my issue...There's 4 hotels in the close area. The W hotel which is absolutly amazing but it going to cost guest about $150 extra versus the already high hotel room costs in the city. Then there's the Palmer House and the Blake Hotel which are nice but a bit farther and would require people to get a cab. Finally there's a Holiday Inn within walking distance. The last 3 would all run about the same and be around $200 for the night. I hate asking everyone to spend so much on my day.

I love the W and that's where I want to stay. Should I expect my guests to stay there as well? Should I try to set up group options at 2 hotels and let guests pick? Or should I somehow gracely say the group is set up at the W but if you would like to seek more afforable options here are some? I know some people won't stay because they live in the city and can take a train/bus/cab home easily. Some people make out of town weddings a mini vacation so I'm not sure they'd mind the hotel prices. And it's Chicago and nothing is ever cheap lol

I'm so torn and I wanted to mention the hotel on our Save the Date cards so people could start planning ahead. I think I am worrying too much already but would love advice.
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Re: Hotel Offerings

  • When it's MUCH closer to time you should choose 2-3 hotels and block a certain amount of rooms based on the amount of people you are inviting.  I would go with something as inexpensive as possible too.

    You have a LOT of time, don't worry about this yet.
  • HinajHinaj member
    Hi Miracle,

    I love the union station for the wedding, we are considering it for our reception.  What I would do is to have hotel blocks at the Holiday Inn and one at the Palmar House or Blackstone Hotel.  You can hold hotel blocks at the W, for people who want to books their but it is not their only option if they want to save money.  This will give your guest the choice of where to stay.  Aren't there hotels on Wacker drive as well?  Do they fall a little bit closer?  I can't remember my georgraphy right now!   But I don't think they will mind the commute that much, or if its in your budget you can hire transportation to shuttle them to and from hotel to venue but that is if you have it in your budget.  If not I wouldn't worry much about it. 

    Do not mention hotel information on your Save the date, but rather put it up on your wedding website if you have one, if not make one and list the website address on the save the date and they can find the information on your website, along with other useful information. 

  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate the advice :-)
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