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October 2011 Weddings

Baby talk.

H and I decided that I'm going to stop my birth control. So as of last Thursday I am officially done taking it. Now it's time to play the waiting game! I am soooo excited :) I wonder how long this will take, I'm normally a pretty patient person except for when it comes to something I really want.
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Re: Baby talk.

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    It could take several months for your body to regulate itself after being on BCP. Especially if you've been on them for a long time. So don't get frustrated if you find that it takes 3-6 months or longer.

    That's not to say you couldn't get pregnant right away. I have heard stories of women who get pregnant as soon as they went off the pill. It's just not as likely.

    H and I have been discussing this quite a bit lately. We plan to start trying in October, so I'm going off my BCP in July (we'll use another form of BC until we're ready to try in Oct).

    Congrats and best wishes on TTC! :)

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  • I've talked about this with my doctor and my plan is to stop taking birth control next December. He told me it should take about 3 months on average, and to come in if it gets closer to 6 months so he can make sure everything is working normal and all that.
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  • How exciting! I think about this often, but I'm pretty sure I want to wait til probably early next year. My resolve melts as soon as I see pictures of all my friends babies on facebook haha. I try to avoid that as much as possible because I really do want to wait...enjoy the married relaxed life for a while, and we want to go on a few trips this year...and we're going to start house hunting soon, so I want to get in our house first and be able to enjoy that for a while minus crying babies haha. :)
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  • Good luck and have fun trying :o)

    We're thinking of maybe TTC this fall.  I'll be going to my doc in July for my yearly and will chat with her about going off the pill.
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  • We're hoping to start trying this summer, if everything goes as planned. By that time I'll be 32 and I don't want to wait too long and risk having complications or even not being able to conceive. 

    Good luck!
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  • I had been on the pill for nine years. I skipped one pack of BC right after the wedding and next thing I know, I am pregnant. I recommend starting to take prenatals now. Best wishes!!!
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  • Thanks ladies! Im hoping it doesn't take too Lon but I'm expecting it to so that way I don't get too disappointed. And hopefully no twins for us but if it happened, oh well.
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  • Congrats and good luck. Sending you baby vibes!
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