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Bridesmaids dresses

Okay another thing I need to take care of now is my bridesmaids dresses.  I only have 4 girls and I'm letting them wear what they want as long as it's my color.  One of my sisters just found out the school district is making more cuts so next year she will not have a job so I can't ask her to buy an expensive dress.

We went to David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo and they seem to have the same dresses but not much of a style.  Do you guys know of a small shop around this area that sells dresses fairly cheap but still have a style to them? 


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    i'm most likely getting mine at davids so im not much help.  we did stop and look at deborahs bridal in upland, they had more variation in stlye, but they were a little more expensive. 

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    Funny story... I went to LA to look for BM dresses and there were a few that I REALLY liked, the pricing was not too bad either... But I wanted to keep looking & compare pricing & styles...

    A few weeks later I went to a few local bridal boutiques and saw the same dresses that I had seen in LA... the cost of the dresses offset the traveling expenses & ultimately LA has you order a minimum of lik 10 dresses (I have 10 BM's so that was not an issue for me)

    Ultimately I went with a BM dresses that I could have bough in LA... but from a local shop... My moms dress was also purcahse there...

    Then for a twist of things, I went to an indoor swampmeet & saw that quite a few of the dresses that I seen in LA & the local bridal botique's.. but quite LESS expensive than both LA & the shop!! My mom's for example was 30.00 less!! and they had more styles, colors ...etc One more plus is that you can see them  & try them on before you buy!

    So to make an already long story short... can be weird, but keep an eye out for potentially good dresses in the least expecting places! I will post pics of my dresses if i have some at work so you can be your own judge ;)
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    Thanks that would be really helpful.  What little shops did you go to?
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    My girls actually wore prom dresses that we got at some random store in the Mills for super cheap. Depending on your color this could be an option for you :)

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    if you google "bridal + your zip code" quite a few places should come up near you! They may also have nice deals. My MOH got her dress free with all the other BM's getting their dresses there ;)

    These are my bridesmaid's dresses! They will be in royal blue though! :)

    Good Luck!

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