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Almost there!! Hows the planning?!

So we have 11 more days to go!! ( YEY!! )

i finally finished the wedding favors (thanks to the holiday weekend)
I have my last dress fitting today (phew)
the fiance finally stopped stressing!
the wedding list is a perfect 123 Wink

And i have the best frist dance song Ritchey Valens- we belong together that my sister will be singing.

So lets just hope that there is good weather and i wont stress Innocent

how is everyone elses planning?!

Re: Almost there!! Hows the planning?!

  • Congrats on getting a lot done! I had my final fitting yesterday (phew is right!).. I can't wait until everything is done!
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  • planning is going well but everyday is super busy from here on out!!!

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  • So far so good on the planning front!
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    So far so good.  Still need to get/do:

    • Pre-apply online for marriage license (keep forgetting!)
    • First dress fitting is tomorrow (it fits perfectly - just needs a few minor alterations)
    • pick up a few things for bouquet
    • make-up how-to lesson on January 14
    • find a couple of party dresses for going out in Vegas

    And who knows what else I'm forgetting -I'm in full wedding mode from here on out!

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    I was able to find very pretty silver glittery snowflake ordiments to add to my centerpeices. A Christmas store was having a 50% off sale for their entire store and I was able to pick up 8 for around $20! I'm thinking each ordiment will be hanging from the vase of my centerpiece flowers.  

    Today I went to Staples and ordered little 5x7 clear double sided frames. I'm going to use them for the Fun Facts Sheet I made for the winery where we are having the reception at. The winery is very old and historic so I wanted my guests to learn a little about it. On the other side I will have the story of how my FI and I met. I will have one on each table.

    My ceremony programs arrived today and I love them! I found them on Ebay and the seller was great! I ended up paying less than $35 for 100 programs!

    Next weekend I need to work on the out of town guest bags. I still need to buy several items. My trial for my hair and makeup is on Jan. 6. My bachelorette party is also Jan. 6-7. My final dress fitting is on Jan. 8. I just made a hair appointment with my regular hair dresser for a color touch up on Jan. 14. We also have a meeting with the priest on Jan. 14. Oh and my best friend from North Carolina is flying in on Jan. 15. I'm hoping she can help me with last minute details while she is here.

    Also, I'm off on Jan. 2 so maybe I can get some things done that day as well. My FI will be in Philadelphia at the NHL Winter Outdoor Hockey game.
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  • i am knocking my "to-do" stuff out of the park! well that and I handed a bunch of "detail" to do to my mom. Now I need to just trust that she will take care of everything and NOT STRESS.
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  • Full wedding mode for my last five days of vacation!! WOO HOO!! My daddy gets here a week from today! I am so excited and really hope the weather holds out!

    I still have a huge list of things to do...most of it is shopping and DIY.
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  • I have been doing a lot of sewing... acutally so much I forgot to come on here. I feel so lost now.
  • yea i keep forgetting to meet with the church!! i really need to pick the readings and everything!!!
    even though i thought i had everything pretty down pacted theres minor things i forget!! but hey at least everything is pretty much paid for...so thats one important thing out of the way!!! :P

    too bad i forgot to take my ring to get plated white gold over again....o well :(

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