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March 2010 Weddings

need to get away

Anyone else?

Aside from the fact that I am one of the lone people in my office days (saving all my vacation for next year) it is so so so cold and windy out (here in Philadelphia).  I am dreaming of my honeymoon in Hawaii but would love to escape before then.

Anyone actually taking a pre-wedding escape.  If so when and where to?

Re: need to get away

  • We'll probably go to the beach for a weekend with some friends who have a house there, but it's also summer here, so that's a normal thing to do and not a specific pre-wedding activity.

    You wouldn't be getting out of the cold, but could you and FI take a weekend or even a day and get out of town? Something different, even if it's just spending a day going to parts of Philadelphia you've never explored, might help you feel like you've had a little break.
  • I WISH we could do a trip somewhere but its just not in the budget.  Plus HE gets a trip away in Feb for his bachelor party - bastid lol.  I'm hoping to at least go uptste to the Catskill Mountains for Presidents Day weekend (also Valentine's Day weeikend).
  • I'm actually taking some time now (between Christmas and New Years).  My company gives employees 5 weeks of vacation so I'm taking 4 days now and then the 3 weeks for the wedding and honeymoon. 

    FI was supposed to be off too during this time, but he got called into work for critical stuff.  It sucks that he's not off too but he's making time and a half for all the hours he's working right now (on top of his normal 40 hour pay) so I can't complain too much.  Plus I came down with a cold the day before Christmas so this time off has allowed me to rest and get better without having to take off more time later on if I got sick later in the season.
  • I don't have the time to take off for more of a vacation before the wedding (I only get 3 days during the school year).  Luckily I have a bit of time off for Winter Break.  I agree with Emily that a little weekend or day trip might do the trick for you to get through to March.  WE ARE ALL SO CLOSE!!!  HANG IN THERE :)
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  • I wish...normally this time of year I have a nice paid vacation.  Not this year.  FI still does but I'm working.  Plus we don't really have any money to go anywhere.

  • Hi...My FI and I just came back from a little trip to Atlantic City. We left Monday afternoon and stayed over Monday night, and last night and just got back a few hours ago.  It was so NEEDED!  We had a great time....I did a spa treatment yesterday, we had two nice dinners and we love to gamble so did a little of that too! I am so glad we got away for a little
  • I definitely feel you on this one - weather is similar here to Philly (in DC - but prob a little less cold) and it is hard to think I have to wait another 2 1/2 months to go somewhere warm. FI and I have been trying to save up our vacation for the wedding/honeymoon, but we are both feeling the burning desire to go somewhere sunny and warm (and to just not be at work in general).

    FI at least gets to go to LA for a long weekend in January for his bachelor party. I'm a little jealous!  But I'll be getting my hair and makeup trial over with so I'm pretty excited about that.
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