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Can I still have an engagement party?

I've been engaged for over a year and haven't been able to throw an engagement party because of college and work. My mom said its too late for me to have an engagement party; that you're supposed to do it as soon as you get enageged. However, I would really like to have one. Is it too late? What can I do?

Re: Can I still have an engagement party?

  • duckie1905duckie1905 member
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    If you have been engaged for over a year I'd say yes, at this point it would be a little late.

    But, you shouldn't be planning your own e-party anyway.  An engagement party is thrown for the bride/groom by someone, not by the bride/groom for themselves.
  • benmel31benmel31 member
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    At this point, I would let the e-party go.  You will have enough chances coming up to see people to celebrate your wedding.  Sorry!
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    There are two issues here:  you've been engaged for a year:  no party.

    You don't throw your own e-party:  no party.

    Actually, I don't know anyone IRL who's had an engagement party.  You don't really NEED one anyway to be married.
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  • quotequeenquotequeen member
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    Just throw a regular party and don't mention the engagement.
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  • danieliza1127danieliza1127 member
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    I also think it's too late to have an engagement party.  If you want to have a party to introduce your family to his (which is really the point of an engagement party), go ahead, just don't call it an engagement party. 
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  • frenchy730frenchy730 member
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    Skip the "engagement" party.  Like others have said, you're not supposed to throw it to yourself anyway, and you don't need to have one-- most people don't these days.

    If you want to organize some other kind of "pre-wedding party" like a get-to-know you family event, or a planning kick off celebration or something, sure, have fun.
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    We threw our own engagement party like 4 months before our wedding, about 6 months into our enagement. We were waiting until our schedules allowed it, as well as our budget.

    And some people say it's tacky or poor etiquette to throw your own, but I think it depends on how you do it. We told everyone no gifts, just come an enjoy the food (we provided everything and did all the cooking). It was pretty much just a party with friends and family we hadn't had the chance to celebrate with yet.
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    you're not supposed to throw your own party? really?  oops, we planned e-drinks for ourselves and it was fun:)  we weren't expecting presents though some did give us gifts. 

    anywho, i don't think there's anything wrong in throwing your own party but who says it has to be labeled "engagement"?
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    Well, I have been engaged for just over one year and my engagement party (though thrown by my parents) is planned for next weekend.  Reasons I never had a problem with this scenario: (1) we're not getting married for another year yet, (2) we got engaged a few months before my brother got married, so it seemed in appropriate/rude to throw one before his wedding, (3) I'm in grad school so anything not summertime = I, and half my attendants would be out of our minds stressed due to school, and (4) lots and lots of immediate family and their schedules

    We aren't, however, throwing our own.

    I'd vote for throwing a party and not calling it 'engagement'.
  • ceyringceyring member
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    I'd say do whatever makes you happy, as long as it's not rude to your guests.  My fiance and I are throwing our own engagement party later this month, and we got engaged in November.  To me it's just a low-key way to get family and close friends together and celebrate a really special time of anticipation.  My mother and sister both had engagement parties and enjoyed them more than they were actually able to enjoy their wedding receptions.  There's much less stress!  I'm using mine to have fun with a few decorating ideas that I can't use at my wedding.  We're registered already, but we're kind of expecting that most of the guests won't bring gifts anyway.  It's there if people want to.  And we're certainly not opening gifts at the party.  It's a time for relaxed fun, that's all.
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