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Hi Ladies,

Maybe someone can help me!  My wedding is not until September 7, 2013.  However, I'm trying to figure out when I should start ordering my STDs and sending them out.  I already read a few posts that advice to send out 8-9 months in advance, but this puts me in the months of around November and December and I really didn't want my STDs to be sent out around the holidays, I don't want ppl mixing them up w/ holiday cards, losing them, or too busy to RSVP, etc.

Do you think sending them out in Sept/Octis gives people too much notice?  That puts me at 12-11 months in advance, I mean it's even hard to book a flight and request work off for most people this far in advance.  What do you think?

And finally last question how much time are you suppose to give people to respond RSVP with STDs? 
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Re: STD Question

  • I did 11 months in advance but we do have a lot of people traveling cross country and even out of the country.
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  • I would send them out early October ;)
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  • Normally you don't ask people to RSVP to a save the date.  The RSVP usually goes out with the invitation. Sending the STD at 11 months is just fine.  But I would make sure you have most of the details figured out - like where you are having the ceremony and staying as a lot of people will want to know that before they book things.  If you haven't started a wedding website, you should because it is nice to put all that information on there, and have a link on the STD with the address so guests can check that out. 
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  • STD's are very quick to order and receive, so I'd agree with the PP's and send them in October or maybe early November; still well early enough to not get mixed up with Christmas mail.  Southwest doesn't book more than six months out but most of the other big airlines do and even though best fares can often be found in the three to four month range, sometimes you can get incredible deals early.  For example, I booked our Vegas trip in June on Delta in January and only paid $160 round trip; it only went up from there.  We sent our STD's very early so people would have the option of shopping around for their travel stuff early, or saving/budgeting for the trip in case that was an issue.

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  • We sent ours out almonst exactly 12 months in advance. Almost everyone invited to our wedding is from the southeast so we wanted to give plenty of notice as they would be flying across the country. We already had our ceremony booked and knew we would be staying at the Flamingo then. We also started our wedding website right before we sent out STDs so people could reference that throughout the year.
  • Good points Weezer.  We did something similar; had our venue booked and room blocks with three hotels in place, then I set up the website and had all the guest information put together before we sent the STD's out so that once out, everyone would be able to get everything they'd need.  I think having that info available before guests start their own planning is a good thing to do.

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    I'm glad you posted this, as we are dealing with the same issue.  We are getting married on August 17, 2013, and I also did not want our STD's to get lost in the holiday shuffle.  We were planning on sending them the first week of January 2013, but now I am reconsidering.  We have certainly told people informally to save the date (very close friends and family), but now I'm thinking that we should mail the STDs in November.  Decisions, decisions...

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  • Hello twin-date :) Yeah, I'm getting married the same day as you and I already sent the STDs. But i'm from Canada and most of my guests are as well, so I wanted to make sure they have enough time to think about it before we send the invitations which will be in March.
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  • For what it's worth, I spoke with my FI last night and we are moving our STD date up to Nov. 2012 for our August 2013 wedding.  I figure, the more time people have to plan and save the better.
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  • Hmm we sent ours out the beginning of febuary I believe so that would have been about 10 months out I think. I would probably avoid sending it around the holidays as well though for the reason you stated.
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    My Advice: Send them out as early as possible. Were doing ours Labor Day weekend of 2013 around sept 2 we wil be sending our STDs by the end of next month. Remember people usually start to make plans for vacation time very u give friends/family time to get finances in order n save for the trip if need be. I say the earlier the better :
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