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August 2010 Weddings

How many people

The wedding cost poll made me curious about how many people other Aug brides were inviting to there weddings
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Re: How many people

  • Our guest list is sitting right about 225 right now - although FI and I are estimating approx 50 may not come - (we're not EXPECTING or BANKING on them not coming - but he has a 2nd cousin getting married the same day so some family will go that way, then there's the people that are older and probably wont' travel etc)
  • We are inviting around 270 but we also think at least 40 will not come but we are prepared for them all to come. About half of our guests are oot so it will be interesting to see how many people are able to come.
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  • We are inviting 136 hoping for a closer number to 100.
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    We are commiting the ultimate wedding sin... We are inviting 174, though our venue technically holds 150 (if the weather is nice, we CAN accomodate more outside if it does come to that). I know for sure 6 of them won't be making the trip, and while I don't like to say I hope 20 other people can't make it to our wedding, I kinda hope 20 people can't make it to our wedding :\ there, I said it! I am horrible!

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  • We have 300 on our list. Our venue only holds 300 and it won't be comfortable. We are hoping to have 250 tops.
  • We are inviting 164, expecting about 130ish to actually attend. Our venue can hold up to 220 or so I think. I was really strict about not inviting more than we could fit/afford even though there were certain people my FI and his parents "knew" wouldn't come.
  • we are inviting 150ish--- expect about 120ish, venue holds 240

    i too have a distant second cousin getting married that day.
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  • We decided at the beginning that we wanted to keep things small, so we chose to have our reception at a room in the hotel that holds 110 max with a dance floor and we're keeping our guest list at that number. Some of FI's extended family aren't in love with the fact that he's marrying me and may not come and I invited an entire department from my old job (I consider them all to be friends and they all know FI) so they probably won't all be able to make it...we're expecting ~80 people.
  • Right now the list is at 230.  We guraranteed the hall at 190. I would like to keep it closer to the 190 number so I am hoping that around 40 won't show.
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  • We are having a DW and inviting 28. We expect between 15-20 to attend. We are considering a second round of invites if under 10 actually say yes.
  • We planned on a small family kind of wedding but when we got done listing all our family the wedding was turning out to be huge. We both have big families! Our list is 369 right now and I'm praying I havent forgotten anyone! We're expecting around 200 since 90% of my list is OOT guest. I've heard rumors of a charter bus being hired to bring down NY family and friends! Our list includes children also.
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  • 107 on the guest list....estimate of about 80 that are just about definite
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  • I'm at (drumroll...) 291! and I'm hoping for 250-260 to actually come. *blink blink*
  • Currently, we are at about 215, but I'm thinking about doing some trimming and hoping that only 175 can make it!  YIKES!
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  • Ugh ours keeps growing. Ive had the list at 135 for a year and now that STDs are going out my parents & FI keep adding. We're up to 164!
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  • our list started at 86.  these were the people that we simply couldn't imagine not having there on our special day.

    then our caterer laid down a 100 person minimum.

    once we started adding, there were others that we had to invite b/c we were inviting so and so.

    now our list is at 145.  apparently, it isn’t done growing yet either – fi’s parent’s still have people they’d like to invite (that are coming to his sister’s wedding in may) that we don’t have on our list.

    fortunately, our venue accommodates up to 225.  but i don’t want too many more people at our wedding, and i definitely don’t want to pay for them.

  • Our guest list has exactly 150 on it. 
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  • We're inviting a little over 200, but about 50 of those are "courtesy invites," (you know those people who you have to send invites to since they invited you to their wedding, but know they won't come).  So, unless these people suprise us, we'll probably have between 150-175 people.
  • We are looking at around ~100 people
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  • We are inviting around 180 - expecting 150.  I also feel horrible to say that I hope not everyone comes.  If we have more than 170 we have a problem since the room can only seat 170 for dinner.
  • I feel ya, Radazzle.  I'm expecting only 50 - 60 people to come to my wedding (far away) though I'm inviting 80.
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