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November 2011 Weddings

Coming up with a blank for favors

Okay, we've only got a few things left to plan for our 11/11/11 wedding & they include my dress, invitations & favors, but I'm seriously coming up with a blank on the favors that both I & my fiance can agree on.

I thought carmel apples would be a great treat but he doesn't want any food. I suggested wine stoppers, coffee, hot chocolate & sine we're Irish & Italian I also suggested a claddagh letter opener - nothing, we can't choose anything. He want's something unique but of course hasn't come up with anything except one thing: seeing if our photographer can take a photo of each couple attending the wedding (we are only having couples attend the wedding) & presenting it to them in a wedding (paper) frame. I like this idea but since we haven't spoken to him yet we don't know if he can do it & what the expense will be - which I'm sure will be more than your general wedding favor.

Does anyone have any unique ideas for favors?

Re: Coming up with a blank for favors

  • Is there anything special that goes along with the place you are getting married at? Or the town or state? 
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  • I don't believe so sarajenae, I mean it's a Woodcliff Manor in NJ, but it's something to think about.

  • The pictures are a cute idea but you probably will have to pay for an extra photographer so they dont miss doing other things...also I dont know how the printing on site would be...Have you looked into a photobooth?  You can get double prints that way they get one that is a favor and you can get a copy...they can even have your copies go into a guestbook which they sign...plus they are sooo much fun!
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  • When I was watching four brides the other day that was the favor, a printed picture of the couple (our in the shows case the other 3 brides) in a frame presented during the ceremony. I agree though about maybe needing two photographers so they aren't missing anything... If you had a second photographer maybe they could take the photos during your cocktail hour and then somehow print on one of those portable printers during dinner?

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  • I second the photobooth.  That is what we are doing for our favors.  Each person will get a bookmark to place their photobooth picture in. 
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  • The photo booth idea is great, we just couldn't afford to include it.
  • Geri, if your FI is being so indecisive when it comes to helping you make a choice, I'd tell him that it's his new project for the wedding planning.  Discuss what you'd like to budget for it total and tell him you'll be there to bounce ideas off of and help when necessary.  Once he has done the leg work you two can sit down together and discuss what his 2-3 favourite ideas are and you can decide on 1.  Let him know that there's a time table by when he has to have the research completed for you two to have your final decision discussion.  Make sure you have 1-2 ideas that you already appeared to have researched ready to go back on the table for him to choose from if he can't tackle the task. 
    It's a great way to make him feel extra invloved in something that's obviously important to him- or it will show you and him that it really doesn't matter much to him at all, leaving one of your ideas open again.
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  • Thanks nontradduo - thankfully he's involved in many aspects of the wedding & has gladly participated in decisions from invitations discussions, STD's, tuxedo colors, cake & food. Frankly the only things he hasn't been included in on are my dress, girls dresses & flowers, lol.

    Thanks for the input.
  • When in doubt on a wedding favor go with something edible….and since your fiancé doesn’t want anything edible maybe you could go with a charitable donation on behalf of your wedding guest.  Do you have a theme or something you are using for the wedding…I may be able to come up with some more ideas if I knew what kind of theme you were using.
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