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    [QUOTE]A great website I found when I was planning our wedding (we got married almost 3 weeks ago) was Wedding Nouveau: link I am absolutely not affiliated with the website, but I love the blog and the various ideas on cultures around the world. Hope it helps someone!
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    OOH.  Thank you!  Wow that is definitely what I was looking for....
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    [QUOTE]I was looking for an interracial board, as well.  (And when I clicked on the link for "Cultural Wedding Boards," I was sure that I would find one.)  I suppose that The Knot thinks that interfaith is more of an issue for couples than interracial.  But that's surprising since I know tons of couples (of the same religion, but different race) that would say differently.  My fiance and I are both interracial and interfaith, but luckily, both sides are cool with our pairing.   
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    me and my FI are interfaith and interracial as well...I think an interracial board is much needed I know culture issue can be tough.
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    my FI is persian(iranian)/Muslim and I am black american/Christian ...I actually came to the cultural board to see if I can find things on Persian wedding to include in the wedding but I found the AAW board that I love...just wish I could find more Persian brides.

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