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sad and depressed ( not weddng related)

Hey Ladies
This is not wedding related but I had to post and was hoping to get some advise.

Heres my problem
3 of my closest friends are having marriage problems, my brothers and sisters are not getting along with some immediate family members. My mother in law who I was very fond of passed away. My parents seem to be fighting more in more over stupid things. sister inlaws and brother in laws dont like each other. so every where I look someone is unhappy.
I know  I have so much to be greatful for and I know I am blessed; but I have this sadness in my heart and know where its coming from , but dont know how to be happy, I am scared to get married in december. I love my fiance; but it scares me that veryone married is so unhappy.
I some times avoid them but I love my friends and family and cant help but be there.
for them
I dont know what to do 
help me

Re: sad and depressed ( not weddng related)

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    I am sorry you are going through so much stress,
    Marriages are not perfect they are something you have to work on,Just bc everyone else is unhappy doesnt mean you and your Hubby will be unhappy,As long as you want your marriage to work and you and your hubby can communicate you will be fine.
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    I say take it as a learning opportunity.  See how their actions and ways of communicating (or not communicating) are causing a lot of these problems and take it as a lesson about how you can work to have a happy healthy marriage and family life. 

    Also remember that a lot of times these issues are temporary--people have a tough time and then often times they figure out how to make things work.
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    Thanks ladies , I think Im going to stay away for alittle  while and see what happens.
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