Network Videography -- anyone know the status?

Hi all,

Tom from Network Videography recorded our wedding ceremony back in May.  We still don't have our video and we haven't heard from him since the end of September.   We suspect he has closed up shop as his VM is full and his website no longer works.  Does anyone know anything about this company or have any recent news? 

Re: Network Videography -- anyone know the status?

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    I am an old Knottie and never on here anymore, but I don't think this situation looks good for you.

    Did you check this company out ahead of time?

    From my quick search, there are no reviews on WeddingWire. There are 1-2 internet reviews, one from a lady with the last name of Koontz. However, his wedding samples are loaded to YouTube by someone with the last name of Koontz as well (assuming from the user name), so it is possible that his one and only review came from a family member.

    What does your contract say about length of time for deliverables?

    Also, what does your contract say about adjudication? If you end up needing to sue, you have to follow the contract on which county this will be adjudicated in and within what time frame.

    Have you tried dropping by the address where he was located at one point? 325 Unity Center in Penn Hills/Plum. They might know something.

    Also, try sending a certified letter to his PO Box if emails and phone calls are not being returned.

    I searched a few PA licensing websites and couldn't find a DBA or license registered to him. Do you know the actual owner's name?

    I'd check the BBB too.

    You may end up having to get the local news on this issue as well.

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    That is terrible... Definitely try dropping by, file a report with the BBB as Kwynn suggested. Did you by chance pay with a credit card? While I know you really want your video, I would definitely want my money back. So sorry!
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    Thanks for the info everyone.  This was actually the only vendor we used based on a recommendation from a friend.  Go figure.  The video was supposed to be finished in 10-12 weeks.  We last heard from him in early September and he said he had been busy but was getting to ours next.  I suspect that his business is no longer at the Unity Center address, but maybe we will drive by after the holidays and see what the situation is. 
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    Uh oh! I'm kinda nervous this may happen with my videographer we booked =( The reviews came from an knottie and there are no reccomendations on weddingwire or anywhere...Anyone know of Valley Visions Videography?
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    Shlee- Any particular reason for your concern?

    I contacted them regarding potentially shooting my wedding (this was maybe 2 months ago), and they responded very quickly and sent me a sample DVD.  I don't know anything about getting finished products from them, but nothing about them during the vendor search process was a "red flag" for me.
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    Hi mdphd! No I just worry over nothing! =) I always think the worse but then it turns out great! I'd just like to hear what others have to say about vendors, so I got nervous!

    I'm happy to see that you didn't see any red flags! I didnt either until I started reading posts about other videographers! =)
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