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Destination Weddings

Post was deleted!! But still need help with pseudo-destination favors!!

Hey again! Where did my post go, TK?? Hm?? :) Oh well, I'll try again...

FI and I are getting married in his hometown, on an island in the Mediterranean, so it's kind of a destination wedding for me, but typical for him. Obviously, though, it will definitely be a mix of cultures and languages and planning strategies, and now I'm starting to think about what to do with favors. I'm stumped, so I'd love to hear your ideas!! I'm thinking of some kind of treat bags with a mix of things (candies??) from the U.S. and from Spain, but I can't think of very good options for either side!

Things I need to consider...
-About half the guests will be flying to the island from outside, and the other half will be from the island.
-That being said, about half the guests will not want to have to pack unnecessary knick-knacks for the flight home. Especially liquids!
-Along the same lines, I don't want to pack crazy things with me, to bring as favors!!
-I'll be on the island for 3 1/2 weeks before the wedding, so there will be time for assembly or some DIY once I'm there.
-Most of the guests (all except my 20-30 Americans) have been to this island many times to visit FI's family or for vacation, so OOT bags wouldn't make sense for all of them. I want something that's useful/yummy for everybody!

Before the last post was deleted, some girls had mentioned BBQ sauces, since I live in Texas...but I can't imagine packing (or the price of shipping) 120 baby bottles of BBQ sauce! And I'm from NY/NC, so something super Texan wouldn't really make sense. (Not to mention have any of you ever been to Spain?? They believe sauces are sacrilege! I've been scoffed at for ketchup with fries, so they would definitely NOT be interested in BBQ sauce..) :) I had thought of candies...maybe salt water taffy for the American treats? They are easy to transport, won't melt, don't seem to exist in Europe (so says FI's fam), and are easy to divide among treat bags...but is taffy tacky? FI's island is known for great, local almonds...maybe that's a possibility? Too healthy for a favor? ;) 

Any other ideas?? THANKS!

Re: Post was deleted!! But still need help with pseudo-destination favors!!

  • I think that the almonds are a good idea.  I am not sure about the foods from the States though.  I would check customs and make sure that you are allowed to bring them into Spain before I planned anything.  Customs can be really strict sometimes.
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  • The problem with customs is bringing things into the US - Spain doesn't care about the kinds of products being brought in, and I often don't have to go through customs at all there!! There are also no forms to fill out the way we have to fill out customs forms for entering the U.S. In Spain they just wave you through, and I lose out on a stamp in my passport. :) I suspect that when they see I have 100+ of anything they'll ask me what it's for (you can't import things for retail), so I'll explain that. FI is flying some weeks before me, so I might split things between the cases, or send it all with him, since it's his country (fewer problems for him).

  • I can imagine it going over even smoother if its his country, that might be a good idea! I do that with friends from other countries too if we know something might take explanation for whatever reason lol
  • That's been our general plan...on our way back to the States, we make sure the bag stuffed with cheese and olive oil is checked under my name!! :) Haha
  • This post hit close to home as I am a Canadian marrying a Dutch from the Netherlands. We currently live here in Holland. Though our wedding isnt in FI home town we are bringing 2 different cultures together.

    I agree about customs coming into Holland some times I barelly get asked why I am here or what I am planning on doing. Though I have a residence perminent so they have some idea, before I had that I was shocked how laxed they were.

    When entering Canada its the same filling out a form declaration and the boarder patrols officers ask 30 questions.

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  • Thanks for your input...but worry no more. FI has decided he definitely doesn't want to do candy or treats, saying it would be tacky. Instead now I have to explain to FMIL why I don't think buying 60 pairs of pearl earrings for the women - discounted or not - is also probably not appropriate. :(
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