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Pre-Wedding Waxing....I'm not good with pain!

Hi everyone,

Here's the situation:

I'm going for my first ever Brazillian Wax in order to get prepped for my wedding night. However, I'm a total baby and I have a really low pain tolerance. A friend told me to take a couple Advil in advance, but I wanted to try one of those creams that help to numb the area. What I need to know they work for waxing? And which ones are best? Anyone have any experience with these things? I've had people suggest Dr. Numb and No Scream Cream, but nobody has actually tried it first hand. HELP! My appointment is in 2 weeks and I'm terrified of the pain!

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Re: Pre-Wedding Waxing....I'm not good with pain!

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    If you search, there are a couple of pretty big threads on the subject.  Most people suggest taking Advil and the No Scream Cream.  Also I think the type of wax that is used can also make a difference.

    I got one for my wedding.  And yeah, it hurt.  But it wasn't the end of the world.  I didn't do any of the things suggested here beforehand so that might have made a difference.

    ETA:  Here are a couple of past threads on the subject:
  • I wouldn't be much help, I have gotten one Brazilian and it hurt like hell.  But I do have one tip, try to get a nice person to do it.  The person that did mine wasn't very sympathetic to my pain and acted like I was a wimp (which was true but it isn't nice for them to act like that).  I am usually pretty good with pain too, so good luck, hopefully you will get some more helpful tips.
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  • honestly, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought. honestly, I didn't think it hurt that bad at all. just try to relax and talk to the person who is waxing you... this will help you relax and think about other things [talk about the wedding!]. I didn't use anything... no advil no cream no nothing. I have a normal pain threshold I think. I mean, don't expect it to not hurt at all... but it's nothing like protrayed in the movies.
  • Just relax -- you'll be fine. Like PP said don't build it up in your head, it's no big deal. I've never used advil/drinking beforehand and I've always been fine. It feels weird and gives like a brief moment of AH! but it's done in about a second.
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    Try and find a salon that uses "hard wax" or "blue wax."  And for the love of all that is holy please go to a licensed esthetician.  The thought of going to one of those mall manicurists that charge $6 for an eyebrow wax for a bikini wax gives me the heebee jeebees. 

    When I had my first wax, I took a few advil... and a rum and coke. Or two.  That seemed to calm me down a bit, and it honestly wasn't too bad.  Your first one is going to be the worst one.  It gets easier. 

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  • Butting in- to those who have had them..would you advise getting one before getting the wedding one?
  • Well, I've got my appointment all booked. I've ordered the "No Scream Cream", "No Trauma Mama", and "Get the Bump Outta Here." I will post after the wax to let you all know by what margin I survived. :)
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  • I'm sure you'll be fine :o) I've never waxed but shaving is good too haha
  • Don't drink alcohol before the wax!!  Alcohol thins your blood and can actually make your skin more sensitive.

    I'm with your friend's advice.  Take two extra-strength advil about half an hour before your wax.  It will completely take the edge off.  Then just try to relax and make sure you hold your skin as tight as you can when your esthetician tells you to!
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  • def get one before the wedding to make sure you don't have a bad reaction... however, I would get the first one a few months before the wedding and then the last one a couple days before the wedding... and I wouldn't get any waxes in between. unfortunately for me, I didn't really know how this stuff works. I got my first wax done and it was awesome! didn't have to worry about hair for at least 2 weeks. but then I just got waxed again [after 5 weeks of letting hair grow] and it's not the same at all. I guess once you get waxed, your hairs come back at different rates. So when you get waxed the second time, you're not actually waxing all of your hair as some of it is still growing back in. So it just doesn't look as clean... wish I would've waited to get my second one until right before the wedding when all of my hair probably would've been grown back in....
  • I have been getting brazillians on a regular basis for about 1.5 years and I am hooked!

    Yes it will hurt, but its only about 10 minutes of pain then you are done.

    -I always take 2 advil (and the complementary glass of bubbly my spa offers)
    -I talk and talk and talk to my waxer, it keeps your mind busy.
    -After, if the spa has a steam room- hop in to soothe it!

    I WOULD reccomend getting a few before the wedding- sometimes you will be red, sensitive or have in-grown hairs.
    Dont go right before your period either- you will be more sensitive.

    Also, when you book the wax- ask for the most expierenced technician- and let them know it is your first wax!
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  • You don't need a couple advil, you need a couple percocet's! I don't know if this is something you should do if you are a baby for pain, I am not at all and it still was the worst pain I've ever felt ... maybe re-think it.
  • i had my first one this summer, and it was not as bad as i thought!
    The only part that did hurt was the front because it lingered for a min or so, but my esthetician did that area last which was a very good thing!

    The worst thing was expecting it to hurt lol! 
    i didn't take any Advil before hand but i might next time!

    Go for it, and like pp have said talk the entire time, makes everything less akward and the time go by quickly, and to be able to concentrate on sometime besides the waxing really helps!

    Oh and wear really comfy yoga pants or something...i got to drive home 20mins in jeans lol!
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