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So, despite TK's ridiculous technical difficulties which is making these boards very hard to read, I'm going to try to start a TGIF!
Weekend plans anyone?

Tonight I'm going to a Mary Kay / Girls Night with some old friends, which I'm really excited about. Tomorrow my best friend and her mom are having a sit down High Tea Party - and we're wearing HATS! Super excited about that too. Might be going caroling in the evening. and on Saturday I'm going to be making... something for the people here at work. No idea what. Someone else already did assorted cookie bags. Any suggestions?
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  • Kristen, I have been dying to go to the melting pot. Today getting my car fixed. Someone smashed out the back window last night while I was grocery shopping. Then making 8 dozen cookies. No idea what kind, maybe cookie sticks from Marta stewart website but they seem kind of hard. Saturday is the cookie swap and Sunday football games at the bar w friends.
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  • Happy Friday everyone!!

    I managed somehow to get the day off so that means I get to relax.  Maybe not relax, but hopefully will accomplish a lot.  I just cleaned out the bathroom cabinets.  Now it is time to do laundry and other chores.  I am going to try the bacon cookies that Muffins mentioned earlier this week and then probably make some other cookies as well.  Must start the cookie stash. No idea what H and I are doing tonight.  Tomorrow evening is his company work dinner.  There are going to be 6-8 people so pretty low key.  Tomorrow evening dinner with a family friend at my parents house.  Looking forward to that.  Sunday afternoon is probably a menu planning day for Christmas Eve dinner at my parent's house.  20 some people are coming so that means we get to make lots of fun stuff.

    Muffins: Bring muffins.  I was thinking originally loaves of pumpkin or zucchini bread or such, but I think muffins should bring muffins.  Everyone gets lots of sweets so I think it is fun to do savory stuff.

    Kristen: Beer tasting.  Awesome.  Have fun with the fondue tonight.
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  • Green: I love going on the tour at the brewery here in NH. I love the smell!!! And the free samples of course!

    Today I'm baking lots & lots of cookies. I hate it!!!!!!  Then I have to deliver gifts & food to my mom's. Tonight we have H's company xmas party. None of his driving buddies are going so it will probably be boring, but it's free food! I'm in!

    Saturday is my family xmas party. Enough said!  We "have" to visit H's mother beforehand, and then we're meeting his driving buddies for drinks later.

    Sunday, I hope to relax!
  • Friday, Friday, Friday! That is me cheering this day goes by faster!!

    Tomorrow my best friend and I are going to finish up our Christmas shopping. We'll see how it goes!

    Other than that cleaning my house so I can have a NYE party!
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  • Kathy - I love the smell too!  It reminds me of bread.  By the time the tour's half over, I'm ready to go back to the food room and pig out on pretzels.

    Nicole - What's stopping you from going?  And that sucks about your car!  :(

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    What the f is going on with TK - I hate how jumbed everything is!

    I want it to be 5 o'clock right now.

    My plans -
    Tomorrow:  finish Christmas shopping with Jon and IL's, my little sister is having a Christmas party at night so we will stop bye there

    Sunday:  H and my dad are going to Buffalo Bills game.  I am driving them and seeing a friend I havent seen since I left Oswego.

    Monday:  Baking cookies and wrapping what presents I do have.

    Nicole - sorry about your car :(
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  • Kristen, the closest melting pot is 1.5 hrs away and h and I don't share days off. One day! Seems as if cookies are on lots of weekend agendas.
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  • i just got off work, and i'm working all weekend :(
    tomorrow my parents are taking us out for H's graduation. but thats about it.
    i'm not very interesting.
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  • Heather, that's a good idea! LOL. Kinda amused at myself that I didn't think of muffins... I like the savory idea too, I'm going to have to go on a recipe search this weekend!
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    Your hat thing sounds like fun!  I look weird in hats.  :-\

    I recommend peanut butter cup brownie cupcakes.  Basically you make brownie mix as you normally would, pour into cupcake cups half-full, place a mini peanut butter cup on the batter in the cupcake cup, and then cover it up with more batter.  Super easy!  Whenever we have food days, I always have people asking me if I can make it and they disappear in no time.

    For us...

    Tonight - Christmas tour at Anheuser Busch.  Complete with free booze and pretzels at the end of the tour.

    Tomorrow - Finally getting new tires!  (Thanks Sam's Club, for not calling us to let us know the damn tires have been in for two weeks.)  Then we're making Christmas cookies.

    Sunday - Our monthly dinner at the Melting Pot.
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  • Tonight , H and I are going out to celebrate him passing his most recent ASE certification exam. Tomorrow we are finishing Christmas shopping and doing laundry. Then H is going to his friend's house to hang out, so I'm going to get a pizza, do my nails and have a Judy Garland marathon. Sunday, one of my nieces is in a Christmas pagent. She's Mary this year, so it's a big deal for her. Then we'll ha e my family Christmas dinner.   Happy weekend!
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