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just engaged and hoping for a miracle!!!

hey girls we just got engaged and unfortunatly dont have any financial support from our familiesdue to the economy and various members losing jobs, dealing with debt, etc... all the emotional support though which is great and were lucky for that, but it doesnt pay for a wedding. We just registered on crate and barrel to try and win a dream wedding....PLEASE GO ON AND VOTE the person who gets the most votes wins! Its really QUICK and we would really appreciate it <3


thanks so much and happy planning :)
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Re: just engaged and hoping for a miracle!!!

  • Nope.  We didn't have any financial suppor from our families either, and managed to be grownups and pay for the wedding ourselves.  How about you do the same thing?

    Oh, and I voted for a couple that I thought deserved it more.
  • I wish you both the best of luck! I hope you win! I understand where you are coming from. It is very hard to be able to pay for a wedding, especially when the parent's are unable to help, but sometimes that takes a little sacrifice. Even if you don't win just be willing to be realistic with your budget and both of you need to work hard toward a common goal so you can have a great wedding you can look back on. 
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    We don't have families helping out financially either. The economy has also hit my FI hard, but we're saving and budgeting. We are working with a budget of $5,000. Unfortunately, I won't be able to vote for you either. This is a situation that so many couples are in right now due to the economy, but they make do and have beautiful weddings. Start networking asap. See who of your family and friends are bakers, caterers, coordinators, djs, anything! Also start saving now! Create a savings account that is just for the wedding. If possible have a portion of every paycheck deposited into it. Have FI do the same thing. Sacrifice things like going out to eat, your morning latté, etc. If you have to wait 2 years to have the wedding of your dreams it will be worth it right?
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  • I'm not voting at all, because I'm not creating an account with crate and barrel, and second, it's BS that you want to win your wedding and you want it to be in CABO! That's going to be ridiculously expensive.
  • PS you will never get support on these boards by posting this kind of thing...
  • While it sucks to not get help, nowadays it's actually quite common for a couple to pay for their own wedding without help. We did it ourselves and our wedding was lovely.

    Get a savings account. Cut unnessary expenses in both your everyday lives and scale back on the wedding costs. Have a smaller guest list, get married on a Friday or Sunday, skip things like favors and chair covers, get roses from a wholesaler instead of out of season flowers from a pricey florist. The Knot has a board for brides on a budget where you will be able to get tons of other ideas for DIY projects and pointers on what little things can be skipped.

    You've just been taught how to fish. Your welcome.

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  •  I voted for the couple who worked through the male FI's cancer and had to postpone their wedding.
  • Just wondering how old you guys are and how long have you been together? What type of careers do you two have?
    We did get some help from our mothers, but it was minimal.
    We are having a destination wedding in jamaica. It's just us going, they provide witnesses and you get a wedding planner! The license is $200 for jamaica and they do not require blood test like mexicao does, plus our wedding license will be in english, unlike mexico.
    It's affordable, deoending in whrere you go,and a lot of resorts offer free weding packages. If you go through a travel agent you can book it with little money down and make payments.
    Im sorry, but i wont vote either.  These girls will eat you alive on here. I dont know why, but i guess there's a little bridezilla in everyone.
    Good luck!
    Hope to hear how things go!
  • Suck it up and pay for it yourself. That's what I'm doing. And as someone getting married, you should be responsible enough to be able to do that. Or, you know, make hard choices like having a JOP wedding with family only.
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_just-engaged-proposals_just-engaged-hoping-miracle?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:683Discussion:309f09a5-0d54-4c6f-9061-854ff1f989e7Post:5df37e48-79b9-4c2f-bccb-4a8d4da88eec">Re: just engaged and hoping for a miracle!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong> Im sorry, but i wont vote either</strong>.  These girls will eat you alive on here. I dont know why, but i guess there's a little bridezilla in everyone. Good luck! Hope to hear how things go!
    Posted by inthestix42[/QUOTE]
    </strong>Yep.  I'm all about the bridezilla, seeing as how I'm already married and all.  It's not about being a bridezilla, it's about not getting bombarded by requests from random people, who've not spent any time on the boards, asking us to vote for them in contests.  Personally, I'd rather continue to have conversations with people, as opposed to having to sift through crap post after crap post trying to get people to vote for them.
  • Amoro , i hear ya girl!  Like seriousley, who are you and why would you think we would vote for you when we have no clue who you are?

    I havent been posting on the boards long, but i read a lot of them. To me they are kinda confusing :)

     I am a little slow!

    This couple needs to suck it up and do what they can afford.

    im not getting " The wedding of my dreams" although it will be the bomb!

    You cant have a platinum wedding when you dont have the platinum status!
  • Requests like this are not only against the rules, they also annoy people to the point that they go and vote for anyone but you.  A total of 9 posts and you want votes?  Bad, bad idea here.  You may have just screwed yourself.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • haha wow...I am so sorry for distrupting all of you ladies. I have not done this whole messaging board thing before and I didnt know how bad it clearly is for me to have posted "spam" I guess you could say on your board. I didnt mean to offend anyone or upset anyone. We are adults. We have decent jobs, but unfortunately any extra money we have tends to go to things like groceries, me finishing my education, and our new house. To the women who offered decent and kind advice, thank you I appreciate it. We arent having a big fancy wedding in cabo. The reason were having it there is because we cant afford to throw a party for family and friends and if we have it in cabo we can have our honeymoon there and whoever can pay for themselves can come as well. We are 22 and 23 years old and have been together for years. And to those of you who felt the need to be rude and offensive towards me all because of one little post, get a grip. You dont know anything about me or my finacee and you're right I shouldnt have asked you to vote for us. There are many more deserving couples who have overcome miracles in their lives and I too have voted for many of them...It was just something we did for fun...no need to be bitchy...its just a post.
    and No i didnt remove it, this is actually the first time I have been on since I posted it, Im sure the people who run the boards removed it.
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