rehearsal dinner help-Harrisburg

Hello, Looking for rehearsal dinner places with a "private room" in downtown harrisburg....The chruch is on 3rd St in Harrisburg so we like to keep it close to that...Only place we have found so far is Application Brewing Company..Just wanted to see what our other options were? If anyone has any ideas..Linglestown area is good too..Does anyone know if the Glass Lounge has a private room to rent? Looking for it to hold 25 some people..Thanks for any suggestions given...Its very appreciated:) 

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Re: rehearsal dinner help-Harrisburg

  • There are a few restaurants in downtown Harrisburg that have private rooms perfect for rehearsal dinners: Bricco, Firehouse, and Stock's on 2nd. The Hilton has several private banquet rooms that would accomodate a smaller group for a rehearsal dinner, that's where we are having ours :) It has a great banquet room with tons of floor to ceiling windows that overlook 2nd street. If you want any info, let me know!

    I don't know what you found with the Glass Lounge, but I would suggest staying has more of a 'divey' atmosphere if you will. As far as Linglestown area goes, I would try Mt. Hill Tavern on Colonial Road. It may be a little pricey BUT it's a very nice place...not sure about private rooms though. Giotti's NEEDS to get a private banquet room, I also considered them and was super bummed when I discovered they don't have one :( 

    Hope these ideas help a bit, I'm from Linglestown and currently live on Front St in Harrisburg so I am very familiar with the areas you are looking in!
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