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Where do you go in June?

Where would you go for a honeymoon in June? Do most couples wait to take their honeymoon when it's colder here to get away?

Re: Where do you go in June?

  • We've been to St Lucia (hm), Jamaica and Key West all in June. Mexico, Antigua and back to St. Lucia all in march. We've noticed a trend. In high wedding/honeymoon months the resorts are a much younger crowd and in low wedding/honeymoon months ( think U.S. winter months) its a much older crowd( we are 36 & 40 so we are talking our parents age). I suppose it really depends on where you go though. As you can see, we've just been in the Caribbean/ warm climate.
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  • We're flying to Hawaii in the end of Mai til mid June... can't wait! Hehee... two years ago, we went to Belize in June for vacation. That was a great trip too!! It was their low-season, and we loved it, coz it was not overcrowded with tourist in June.
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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    We honeymooned in June after our wedding and went to Vegas for a few days, then rented a car and drove to LA to fly to Fiji for a week.

    Vegas was really hot that time of year, and unless you're in the water, it's almost unbearable. It was in the 100's and the sun was unforgiving. Thankfully, we didn't get burned too bad, but I wasn't feeling well at night from all the sun exposure. Fiji had perfect weather. Warm enough to enjoy the beach and the pool, but not too hot. It was low 80's since it was their "winter" in the southern hemisphere.
  • June...we are just getting back from St. Lucia then.  Hawaii, the caribbean and other tropical area just start to get into their rainy season, so keep that in mind.
  • We're doing our honeymoon this June. We're going to Antigua..June is a pretty good time to travel IMO because a lot of places are cheaper since it's the off-season.

    We went to Puerto Rico last June and it was a little rainy but not bad at all.
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  • RYLZRYLZ member
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    We've been to the south of France in June 3 times--perfect weather (dry and high 80s) and lavender season in Provence.  You can easily drive to the Cote d'Azure to also get a beachy side to the trip.  There's history and good food all around.

    Hawaii is also a good spot for June because it it right after their high season.  We've gotten tickets 40% cheaper than in the winter to Honolulu in June.

    Also Argentina in June would be like their Autumn and a great time for vineyards and a decent daytime temp in the 70s but maybe not warm enough for beach/pool.

    Costa Rica, as someone else said, will be lower season, so cheaper and fewer tourists but there could be a lot of rain.  We've been there and June and liked it.  It only rained in the afternoon and it was very affordable because of the season.

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    If I were honeymooning in June I'd definitely consider Europe....greece, italy, turkey, croatia??  My wedding is in January so my honeymoon priorities are definitely warm weather, but in June I'd take advantage of the summer weather in Europe....i like to save caribbean/tropical trips for the winter when it's miserably cold at home(I'm in CT)...makes it so much nicer!!   Or how about Quebec City?? It's gorgeous, historic, and very romantic. 
  • MMRoberts11MMRoberts11 member
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    I've been to a few places in the Caribbean in June and what PP said is correct. 

    We will be going to Guatemala in June for our HM.
  • Jen6862Jen6862 member
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    June is the start of Hurrican season, but I think I've heard that Aruba is a safe bet all-year long. I've heard great things about it.

    If you decide to go tropical, just make sure to purchase trip insurance for peace of mind. :-)
  • I agree on Europe.  We went on our hm last July, starting on the 2nd.  We did a mediteranean cruise to Italy, which included sicily, Turkey, and Greece including Crete.  It was pretty hot in all of those places, but a dry heat so not unbearable.  
  • We did Hawaii in July for our HM and the weather was gorgeous. Eighties everyday and sunny. Not unbearably hot and humid like we had in the midwest. It's pretty much that weather year-round in Hawaii.

    I agree with a PP to avoid Vegas in June. I have been twice in the summer and the heat IS quite unbearable. Well over 100º. We have gone in Jan. and it was much better (though too cold for swimming). I think spring/fall is best for Vegas.

    I've done Florida before in the summer, and the good thing is that it's their low season so you get great deals. However, it's hot/humid. So is NYC--been there in June as well.

    We are doing Northern Cali this July and have heard that it is quite cool there (like 50s and 60s) so that is an option if you didn't want someplace hot.

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