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I want my ring to sparkle!

My Fiancee got my ring from Midland(which is where he lives) and I can get my ring cleaned for free each time I go.  We're getting married in Albuquerque and I want to get my ring cleaned right before my wedding and don't know where to go.  Any ideas?

Re: I want my ring to sparkle!

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    We bought the "Something New" cleaning kit and it works well keeping our jewelry sparkling in between the 6-month cleanings at the store.
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    Whenever I pass a jewelry store in the mall I stop in ask them to clean my ring. Any store should do it for free. My fiance got my ring at J. Edwards on Menual and Louisiana and they make it sparkle the brightest everytime.

     Oh yeah, today I used toothpaste and an old toothbrush on it and it looks new. It's a bit abrasive but I've never noticed any damage to the ring from it.
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