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Memorial Ideas?

I am looking for creative ideas to really honor my father who has passed away. I had thought about having a special song, poem, something like this read before the ceremony--- But I think that will just end with a bride looking like a hot mess! Does anyone have an idea that I can put some focus on his memory without getting to weepy?!

Re: Memorial Ideas?

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    We are honoring my grandparents at our ceremony.  I was very close with my grandparents, so I know what you mean about not wanting to be a hot mess.  Have you thought about a floral arrangement or a memorial candle?  I have seen some memorial candles that have a photo of the loved one on the candle.  For us, we are doing a sand ceremony, so our florist is making  a wreath that will go around our sand ceremony vases, and either our program will have a statement about it, or the pastor will say something during the ceremony.  

    Hope that gives you some ideas. 

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    we're having a memorial section on our programs that honors loved ones who have passed-we also will have memorial candles with their names on it and pictures of them that I'm DIYing.
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    We are doing a memorial bouquet in front of the church and we will make mention of this in our programs as well.  PP have some lovely ideas as well. 
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    I am doing some things to honor my son's life ; I included a color in my wedding scheme because it was his favorite one (green), I am attaching lockets to my bouquet with his picture and mentioning him in the program. This, hopefully, won't make me a hot mess, especially because  his son, will be there; as a matter of fact, he, my handsome 10 y.o. grandson will be walking me down the aisle. I'd do it by myself, but this is a way to honor my son though his son.
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