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Any suggestions on how to bridge two cultures/religions seamlessly? My FH is Muslim, and while my immediate/extended family is deeply Christian I am not particularly religious. I want to make sure that both sides feel respected and as though they can take part in the wedding. I'm just looking for general advice from any brides who have had a similar experience. 

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    i'm 'catholic' and Fi is muslim.  We are going to do the muslim ceremony first...though that plan may change as he has a family friend who can preform islamic marriages.  Then we are gonna have a second ceremony.  This is the more american traditional one, but its not being done by a priest.  We will read both a passage from the bible and one from the quran. 
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    My parents had both, an Imam and Priest. My mom was Christian and then she converted to Islam. I was born and raised Islam and converted to Christianity. You could do it that way.
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    We are doing 4 weddings! An islamic ceremony, a civil wedding in Germany, a wedding in Syria with his family and a wedding with my family in Canada! Who says you only have to marry once!!

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