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*To do list...*

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Re: *To do list...*

  • WR:  Monograms are on the agenda for this week

    NWR:  Not really sure aside from normal chores.  Finished Xmas cards last night, which was my main NWR goal for the week.  So I think I'm good :)
  • WR: Nothing major this week...maybe play around with table numbers and signs a little more.

    NWR: Pick up supplies for the Christmas activities and crafts I'm doing in my classroom.  Get organizing for cookie and candy making for the holidays.
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  • In Response to Re: *To do list...*:
    [QUOTE]WR: HAVE to call our church and get the ball rolling, and sign up for Pre-Cana. Ugh, IDK why but I am dreading that phone call. I also have to finish cutting out stickers that I made to seal the invitation envelopes. After licking aout 90 STD envelopes, I've had enough and decided stickers it is! NWR: Get to the gym. Ugh. I just went to the Dr., and have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, so I'm off to Barnes and Noble to pick up some books on how to eat now!
    Posted by libordke22[/QUOTE]

    That stinks! My mom has this, and it's a pain at first trying to figure out what you can and can't eat, but she feels 1000% better than she did before.

    WR: Call for my first dress fitting, and going to pick out bands this weekend!
    NWR: Need to go buy and then do my Xmas cards!
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  • WR: Try to get this lady at the hotel to email me back--she is driving me nuts!

    NWR: Work, Work, Work
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  • WR: email make-up artist today to confirm trial for Thursday.
    NWR: 1)move my schedule around so that I can make it to the dental appointment tomorrow. 2) Help my mom put up Christmas decorations when I get home from work. 
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  • WR: Contact coordinator to ask for our EBO, we should have had it last week.

    NWR: Wash bedding, and clean out fridge.
  • WR: Lock in the florist, doggone it!

    NWR: Retrieve and organize all the papers, mail, etc., hastily put away during the pre-Thanksgiving "paper bag" clean up.  LOL!

  • WR: Decide on wedding accessories, finish monograms, buy ribbon and glue dots for invitations.....

    NWR: Finish Christmas shopping.  I think I only have a couple more presents to buy, if I could just figure out what to get.......
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  • NWR: sign up for classes, get my essay done.

    WR: meet with linen vendor to hammer out details, send cake lady our deposit.
  • In Response to Re: *To do list...*:
    [QUOTE]WR: -Finish the rest of our direction inserts -Revamp the coloring books before printing (adding cuter fonts) -Finish tying ribbon to photo share cards -Paint the backs of card box letters (I decided this last night before bed. I think it would look cleaner)NWR: -Buy gift for our Christmas Party with the girls -Finish gift for my Knottie -Deposit cash into my checking account!! I refuse to pay overdraft fees haha!
    Posted by ForeverStarts716[/QUOTE]

    Okay ... I am impressed.  Those seem like "last minute" things to me (except invitation inserts, and that seems early, too) and you're already tackling them?  God bless ya!  You go, girl.
  • In Response to Re: *To do list...*:
    [QUOTE]WR: Lock in the florist, doggone it! NWR: Retrieve and organize all the papers, mail, etc., hastily put away during the pre-Thanksgiving "paper bag" clean up.  LOL!
    Posted by Lisa50[/QUOTE]

    I thought I was the only one who did this!  All my stuff goes under the table with the longest tablecloth.  I'm still looking for stuff I've hidden when January rolls around...
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