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September 2010 Weddings

So, I started putting all 120 programs together last night...

... and I came across this little gem.

We're getting married at the county club, yo! It's on the back and is the information for the reception following. Oh, and the zip code is also for the next town over (whoops). Considering we all missed it 2398473 times over, I'd like to assume our guests else will too. And if not, they're going to be hella confused.

My response? Oh well! Hahahaha. I'm officially on board with the "I don't care anymore" train.

I've also come to the conclusion that no matter how many people or how many times something is proofread, there's always bound to be a typo or mistake overlooked.
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Re: So, I started putting all 120 programs together last night...

  • I'm sure no one will notice - I had to really study the picture to see what was incorrect, because my brain just kept reading it the right way.  And I'm so with you - at this point, it doesn't matter.
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  • Don't sweat it Stef, I always misread "county" and "country".  I'm sure no one will notice.  And if they do, it'll be a little chuckle and move on.  No one's going to be judging you or anything.  I'm totally on your train, too.  Whoo Whoo!!  (That was a train whistle in case it wasn't obvious. :-P)

  • seriously on the --" I don't care" with ya.

    I stopped stressing over the playlist and was like-- people will have to find a way to get up and dance -- or it's their loss.
    I've also exhausted the People Pleaser in me...... I've care SO much about what everyone else wanted or trying to accommodate to others all along-- that at this point-- things aren't going how I want. That's what I get I s'pose. But from here on out-- I'm doing it and it WILL be acceptable. .... or Else!

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  • I find it really funny, too. Glad you ladies agree :)
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  • Duh, took me awhile to see the mistake, LOL!
  • hahaha i still didnt see it until you pointed it out!  

    the directions on our direction card are wrong.  we stated "stay straight" and they definitely have to turn left from one direction and right from another.  i made a huge obvious sign to put there, so hopefully they will get it!!!
  • Ahhh annoying but glad you are laughing about it! I really think when I was proofing it I thought Plymouth County Club, that sounds different! I wanna see it hahaha should have thought about it more!

  • I had to read it over and over again and couldn't figure out what was wrong.  No one will notice, no biggie...
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  • That is funny, but not really noticeable...I had to look for it!
    I'm almost to the "I don't care" bandwagon too.
  • I kept focusing on Reception to see if it was spelled right, coudn't find the error until you pointed it out! :)  Glad to see you have the right attitude at this late in the game.


  • It totally doesn't matter.

    As a writer and editor it amazes me what can get through an edit chain.
  • I know how you feel about those mistakes that you look at over and over. My photo guest book has the same picture in it twice. a half page layout for both pictures. I didn't see it, FI didn't see it, and my yearbook editor MOH didn't catch it either. Of course it's the first thing I see when I open the book when it was delivered. I really wish they would let you print out a proof, so much easier to catch mistakes.

    But yours will only be caught by a couple people tops, no worries!
  • I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out! lol
    I think you'll be fine.
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  • I was wondering what the FB post was referring too, but don't worry... I bet noone will even notice. :)
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  • I didnt even notice it at first!
  • Laughing with ya!  It took me a moment to notice the mistake and I will confess I spelled FI's middle name on our RSVP's.  I spelled it Micheal instead of Michael, so far I have been the only one to notice. I even had to point it out to FI because he couldn't figure it out when I said they were wrong. He just laughed and said "So?"
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